She kissed lore months (July lunar calendar) and 18 taboos in this day

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Folk legend that the 2/7 th, Pluto ordered Devils Gate began to open and to view the full moon in July, the drop door so that poured from the devil, came after 12 hours of night and day, 14/7 then ended and the devil to return to hell.

it was months until July and then joked folk or soul that is months and months she is also signaling Ullambana months. So does anyone know about the legend why her soul and Ullambana month signaling the hok. Everyone;s read the dentist! certainly when finished you will see your soul and Serenity ....

folk legend that the 2/7 th, Pluto ordered Quan started the Devils Gate and to the full moon in July, the drop door to the devil poured quartet methods, until after 12 pm, the end date of 14/7 and the devil to return to hell. Therefore, on the night of 14/7, people lit candles, turned gold or kill poultry hungry ghost worship to demand peace and good things, not bad demons out, that;s the origin of the name Devils called Tet.

;roots Devils tied Tet culture of Chinese Taoism, because Buddhism does not advocate killing or burning gold votive sacrifices to spirits.

Religion teacher called Thien - Location - Thuy is Sanyuan . Originally ie the beginning of all, God - Land - Water [/ b] are the three basic raw gas created and nurtured people and all things. If this classified Sanyuan offers three days of the lunar year, there will be Tam Nhat Nguyet [/ b]: the Upper Highlands 15/1, 15/7 and 15/10 is the Trung Nguyen Ha Nguyen . According to legend, Sanyuan Japan is the birthday of Tam Quan Emperor in Taoism, the third position just behind the Great Jade Emperor. Thuong Nguyen day is the birthday of God the Great Self , Zhongyuan day is the birthday of Land absolved the Great , also dated Ha Nguyen is the birthday of Water rescue the emperor .

Three Great shared governance everywhere, so Sanyuan Japan became important three major holidays of Taoism.

Of folk have a lot of truyen theory of Tam Quan, and often it is grafted Thien Quan, Place Of Interest, Thuy Quan on Triad: Yao, Shun, Yu. Thien Quan (Yao God) bless all about so it was relying folk. Thuy Quan (Emperor) all about aquatic therapy, cause people to be peace industry. And Location Of Interest (Shun De) divided into 12 African China, make people have a stable life, moreover King Shun lice are hospitable people, so Sanyuan Japan also known as Ceremony signaling .

The stock, signaling to the holidays, the Chinese kill goats, chickens, and burning incense, gold for international cultural ancestors, then gradually expand into common day for both of her soul and thus bearing the name Central Highlands universalism .

But the day is also 15/7 Vu Lan Festival of Buddhism, so Vu Lan ceremony of Buddhism and New Year in Chinese folk Devils is not quite the same. In China, Vu Lan ceremony first began when Emperor Wu of Liang, to the Tang Dynasty (7-10 century) was very prevalent. Vu Lan is translated Ullambana reviews sanskrit word, that is freed from the miserable than being hung upside down . Mother of Venerable Moggallana lived depraved, causing evil, cursed to hell when they die as hungry ghosts and under penalty of hanging upside down such people. The meaning and origin Vu Lan ceremony is recorded and explained in Bon Kinh Vu Lan:

At Buddha Sakyamuni was in this world, among his 10 disciples with a false religion named Moggallana. later Moggallana attained Arhat escape samsara and now has high-intensity approach magical power. Before Moggallana attained enlightenment, his parents are lost hungry ghosts soon and become cursed to hell.

[center] [IMG alt = lore month, more than (thang 7 am lich) and 18th in today;s taboos ] http: / /[/IMG][/center]

Once enlightened, Moggallana want parental notice he used natural grace label observations over the place, he saw his parents were imprisoned underworld with all ceramic shapes hungry ghostsc scary: belly as big as mountains, where the throat as small as a needle, can not tolerate oral intake, body two people just skin and bones only. Moggallana saw it extremely painful holding a bowl of food he used his powers to bring down to the grave for his mother, but the food just taken immediately close the mouth of ashes. Maudgalyayana bear helpless, hurried audience and his narrator to hear Shakyamuni. Buddha said: Parents alive when you have created a multitude of sins, so after death must be cursed to hell as hungry ghosts to retribution, you are not alone be sufficient demand for them is high , which must rely on the power of their increasing desire liberation ten new well. On the fifteenth day from April to July each year, all of them are gathered increase diligent practice, the fifteenth day of July, the end of the day, and this will have increased them attain enlightenment.

That day, if you want to save yourself from suffering but hungry ghosts, to make offerings to increase their vegetarian meal, such great merit, not jobs that can liberate you from the parents hungry ghosts suffering, which even can make the parents of 7 lives who also enjoy being in heaven. If only your father and mother alive, then offered him the bridge might also cause them to be more mercy and longevity .

[red] Maudgalyayana follow his teachings, indeed, parents venerable escape lives of hungry ghosts and super promotion . [/ red]

Folk believe thorn in July is the day the Devils Gate opens to the devil to be free on earth, which is also the day pulse gas natural sound , so in addition to demand offerings, it also poses many abstaining ban to protect myself.

[red] here are 18 things to avoid that traditional abstinence China often adhere Vu Lan ceremony day: [/ red]

1. 1. Do not hang wind chimes in the bell will headboard for attracting the attention of the devil, when sleep will be vulnerable they invade harassment.
2. the ball chickened weak, should not go out the night on this day, if not more likely to encounter bad luck.
3. Do not pluck footThis day, for folk said that One leg hairs managing three demon, the more hairy legs as little dare devil is in the air.
4. No arbitrary burning paper votive because so would cause to the devil bu.
5. No food offerings awkward, because it is furniture for the devil, if not worship, and pray that the food will get their procession into the disaster.
6. No clothes at night, because the devil saw would borrow and leave a demon gas in his clothes.
7. These people are not going out night-calling each other names, otherwise the devil will remember the name of the caller, which is a bad omen.
8. Do not swim, because the devil will play with you, if not careful, you will get them twisted foot sprain.
9. Do not scare them startle others lost soul beats flying vulnerable to demonic intrusion.
10. Banyan tree in front of a venue yin, the devil would love such places, so the cavalry standing, sitting, lying, hiding ... there.
11. Should not form too late, as this will mentally debilitating loss, susceptible to air devils .
12. Where the dark corners are the demons gather place of rest, not to go near that place.
13. Do not pick up the money scattered on the road, because it can offer people money to buy off demon cohorts, if someone committed rider, will face perhaps disaster.
14. When traveling to through the desert place, and do not turn to look back behind him, despite feeling like someone is following her or his name. Because it could be because the devil teasing.
15. When went to bed not to bow sandals toward the bed, otherwise the devil will see that there are people living guessed was lying in bed and we will go to bed with you.
16. Do not plug the middle of the bowl chopsticks stand, because it is a form of sacrifice, just like incense, easily lured into the house eating ghosts.
17. Should not be alone during this time, otherwise the devil will easily led or harassment.
18.Khong photographed at night, because the devil is always loitering around it will invisible to the photo with the living, it is wise

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