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This is a common question for many families:

-In a year of anniversary celebration: Anniversary parents, grandparents, specifically, etc .. What the rider more important anniversary?
- After the funeral finished, with three-day celebration, 49 days, 100 days, the first death anniversary, second anniversary celebration ceremony is the ceremony hai.vv .. main?
a: the ancient ceremonies have not seen written in the classic, but this time is very practical issues, such as which also houses the work grandchildren reside scattered each one place, not many household no home to go far, in only one year conditional family gathered once or twice personnel importance of family holidays, the economic situation is tight, you want to invite people living before the ceremony to the ancestors spiritual mutually voluntary, is to confess themselves after taste, can not spread out more than once, so to determine the focus on the main ceremony.

on the anniversary celebration, the tradition of the place generally agreed the main ceremony is parental taken (notice the parents of most of the principal men) are the customary funeral of one each other. There where 49 days is focused on main ceremony, where the main ceremony was 100 days, with 3 days where the ceremony is to be finished well, because while mourning berserk, the enemies respond to the relatives and friends and Funeral those to households may be even more defects should take three days to celebrate important holidays, so this ceremony funeral home;s caregivers thank their parents when sickness and help the family to complete burial section. As important, the first death anniversary (the Sub-wall ) as important, Monday;s anniversary (called the Great Wall , also known as anniversary First ). It has been argued that: Already known as Little Wall . In terms of today;s ceremony, the university combines the wall and talks with many international guests more complicated sub-walls (see How to conduct international negotiations ).

In summary: economic situation, living conditions in ancient times different this time, this is a practical problem, especially for those families still difficult economic and descendants do far from it, depending on the customs of each place. Each of the specific circumstances that accord with each other, the convergence conditional family,distant memory one day as a memorial to remember the month also.

When the funeral ceremony (mourning clothing International) like?

After two in choosing a good day one balances within three months, except for a ceremony to. Except for 3 ceremony include:
1. Mass graves fix: Apply fixes a grave graves round.
2. International talks Ceremony: Store mourning. Discard these burning of Section funeral procession flexible position on the main altar. Skip mourning altar. To pull the curtains laudatory. antithetical couplets.
3. Procession to the main ceremony and announcement to ancestors: Copy your available new components, coated paper or red cloth, when international negotiations in finished mourning altar is burning old tablet covered with black tape around the frame and oration. Then new tablet incense holder and portrait (if any) taken on the main altar, placed at the bottom row. Where the second son of the ancestors worship not higher still leave the same altar, the altar is not that just moved announcement to household gods and announcement to ancestors in the church organization.

[b ] why can continue burning votive?

According to the opinion of the ancients, the dead will also need food, housing, clothing, smoking, betel chewing, also need money car , need money to travel and any expenses used as alive ...

the dead and divided the inheritance. Son La, Lai Chau, many places still up the tomb, in the tomb also full of copper pot, stem wood, warm earth, dishes, knives, blankets clothing, hats ... equipped Comfort for an individual. The dead and divided the buffaloes, pigs, chickens, paddy, rice ... After three years, the ceremony Funeral Home pray and sweating reapply longer available items, and live animals, including animals just born ...

From the sacrifice of real, new born gradually burning votive Mass, which is replaced with items made of bamboo, wood, straw, soil clay or paper symbolized, but the size is scaled down so that the world of the dead carried away, thanks to turn less into more holy Sacrament . wear clothes of the dead as alive, leave the tomb after three years of rotting, not the heart to other uses, people burned gradually born is replaced with paper clothing. So are saying Go thwaist dress code paper.

Why reburied? These circumstances should not reburied?

... The loss, after three Funeral and paragraphs years or a few years, the children take care of reburial
Before reburial ceremony today from the report. On the Monday reburied, the groundbreaking ceremony of vows burial place for new graves.

First of all open grave, picked bone chinaware put in a goofy, shaking water into wine and then cover up the true secret, not for sunlight get in. Housing wealth is used as the burial shroud sarcophagi.
And the earth brought into different reburied. And old coffin is gone, well, then use or as a bridge to bring about, or do buffalo stables stables, to stand for horses buffalo from foot deep.
Process to believe that everyone who took planks instant pain crude (plank coffins crushed) burned up, so that the bed is located off the pain away.

Exhumation has many excuses.
One is for the poor, while parents lose, do not worry whether the money, buy a deck temporary bad games, finished the three-year wait, then reburied, lest fear of decay is caused to games remains.

the affair is because ground water flood then reburied.
Thirdly because, geographers, see the place where the grave without cause landslides or trees above the grave wither naturally, or indoors with licentious guys crazy, or in the house of pain sick shaky, or indoors with guys mischief, born diffusion litigation, it is in the land for reburial.
Fourth, those who want to bridge the wealth list, thanks to geography teacher looking for a place sand that address reburied. Other teachers have a thriving, bringing home his grave site buried in graves near the other house, to demand enjoy favored-balance.
While reburied, there are three things that keep hydro (ie possible grave found nice) without exhumation.
One is, when excavation found gold snake dragon is said to be the objects bar. Second, the open coffin that there is so closely tied noose for the land. Thirdly, the space slightly warm soil, in a dry pit without water or drops of water close to them as well as milk. When to see how they have filled up right away.

What is God buried?

Once there are ridersm eating away from home, the road accidentally crush. Feel the wind that died suddenly, someone go or passers realized, just in time to mark the dead space to lie down, not promptly buried, to a journalist for the bereaved. When the family arrived, the affair was buried all corpses. Relatives said it was vented good ground, and it was buried fears for so called celestial burial , the future families will flourish, so probably leave that cultivate higher. No exhumation. The burial tombs such disasters, often at the roadside. Today along the highway, sporadic longer see there are tombs embankment, called the draft grave. Over hundreds of years of wind and rain buried stamping, but exalted, of which the majority are unclaimed graves for dead along the road, the house is not found. Causeway remains grave, unremitting incense smoke, so residents and visitors around passing trade to care about worship because it believed that the jinn are sacred, bless bless the healthy, doing well well.

what is Land nursing exam?

There are technical grave as embalming grass, spread over hundreds of years remain not flesh decomposed . But there are other ancient tombs flesh still buried in the soil causes nursing exam.
Land Nursing Exam What is the soil type, including certain chemical elements, temperature and humidity are, there are what characteristics of the land in order to find support enforcement is not clear, or ancient authors have understanding feng shui master was found, today was lost due to accidental or false, stumbles without knowing. Just know that it is an environment in which the bacteria are aerobic and anaerobic destruction.
Hopefully in the future, scientific development or will be many people to research, the mystery of nursing exam land will be explored.

[red] Why abstain covered within Funeral grave? [/ red]

According to custom, was buried three days later opening ceremony grave door. During it, remodel tall tomb, covered the grass around a drainage ditch, cutting down shrubs to room around the roots from growing, cross on the grave, coffin breached. Since that day,children and grandchildren come to visit, incense around just taking up additional land on the rocky ground, not climb up the grave, not dynamic spade, hoe on.
At the Diet was a very logical process: in the three years that coffin and the body is dissolved during the washing, occurred due to circumstances unknown to the room that collapsed tombs. Sap grave, grave though action is a natural phenomenon for the funeral home also caused much anxiety.

Why should bother when exhumed grave at night or early morning when the sky was still growing it off, or if made the day, there must be covered shack?

there are arguments that should have separated the yin-yang to abstain from direct sun shines on. But in our opinion, derived from practical experience, in many cases, the land having nursing exam, or three hydro (ie grave to play) should not reburied, must be filled up immediately. In the case of the bodies after years remains intact, if to direct sunlight shines on the right and shrink rotting. So to precaution should abstain from the sun, long days become customary in common?

The funeral of raw compute day festival like?

Days Chinese New year is on the fun of the whole nation, the opening day of the Olympics prosper for a year, is very sacred. Families must shelve bond durian to integrate with joy the whole nation. So with distilled mourning customs of the new year. Funeral home with contemporary abstaining not go Tet, lucky relatives, neighbors, neighbors opposite her children need a happy New Year and consoled the family misfortune. Where the deceased family on 30 or New Year;s Day, why? In this case, a rare but not without. If on 30 December that the family may be whether it should be buried to keep up on that day, if left to the new year, there are many inconveniences. The majority of these families to abstain for the first day of a year. right to die case, the first day of the New Year rush, but not found evidence to prepare everything for light nets two as mourning ceremony. The wedding was prepared tripped funeral, as what?

This is the case coincidences Advantages joy . Happy and sad at once cornered. Born finite, death, period, life is limited but who knew when to die. According to the ritual, when indoor exhibits also, on the other end with white donuts, especially the tang, the avoidance of the fun. But the wedding was prepared, if punctilious it a difficult for both families, many cases of love couples in progress, especially the families on both sides are the old man she both, sometimes waiting until seven, eight years later not all evidences.

So also the ancient custom of clause excluding depreciation : Married four floors, ie run Funeral Wedding . When it is temporarily dead in bed, blanket reruns, no coffin, or families can do shrouding procedure, but not enter the city for the ceremony. According to the ritual, if not into the house for no one was crying. But neighbors said the family but have not yet visited the mourning is not, except close relatives and neighbors have turned off the lights at the fire together, as a family.

Meanwhile, both folding families prepare wedding ceremonies as well as enough to bring the bride, bride, announcement to the ancestors, dodder ceremony ... but the offering is very simple, reductive components, confined within the family and a few relatives. , You have invited are free, will understand later. Work wedding, marry beginning to finished mourning. The new bride and groom, to become a member of the family, take bereavement as every other descendants. If two families sympathetic to each other, maybe one day, from morning to noon wedding bridesmaid, evening found evidences done well.

Where there is a wedding that neighbors; funeral, the stars?
who knows courtesy and kindness never laughing at the sight of other people sad. Families with education, knowledge never allow children of playing loud music or loud open ice when the sad neighbor. In the above case, the wedding will proceed normally but not fireworks, opening bands and singing loudly, avoid people who cry laughing. There are also cases of national mourninglike that.

The funeral should look like?

Even relatives or sisters, who attended the funeral must take seriously, expressing reverence for the deceased, the for bereaved favor. It is rude if potty potty laughed, joked during grief Funeral Home.
in the countryside, many places still customary lavish deck dining table in the funeral, really not the situation, where the scene at .
Despite the fact that eating is inevitable, but should only be limited in the number of people to the maid and distant relatives of. For relatives, neighbors, guests, you, the funeral is not the occasion to Repayment of mouth . Having fun while mourning berserk.
If such procedures have not quit drinking the funeral cult, people should also restrain themselves, help is what is helpful, not means home to eat, should not harass, blame. Old habits Ma blame, blame Wedding has nothing interesting!
It should be noted the young: When attending a funeral should not flamboyant, revealing, ridiculous, so very improper scene offensive to many people.

take the road to meet the funeral should look like?

If you run in the opposite funeral, no one said anything, though in a hurry are all the down to the car, including motorcyclists, pedicabs are leaning hats WALKED through the funeral, then to the car. Cars are slowing down, do not honk.
If you go in the same direction, it is not convenient to go slow strange car

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