10 rules to know when to enjoy Japanese cuisine

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Mix the wasabi with soy sauce seemed quite normal but the land of the viscera people never do this.

Washoku, traditional food culture of Japan is one of the many intangible cultural heritage to the world recognized by UNESCO. And when it comes to the culinary culture, not much need to introduce any traveler knows to two well-known representative of sushi and tempura are.

But not everyone learned some rules need while enjoying the unique cuisine from the country to the rising sun. Here are 10 rules travelers should know to avoid falling into unnecessary situations.

[blue] 1. No wasabi mixed with water tương[/blue]
10 rules to know when to enjoy Japanese cuisine
[/ Center]
The Japanese do not mix wasabi with soy sauce when eating. Photo: theperpetualstudentswife.
Although many restaurants in the world are using this method to serve Japanese food, but this is not a country were people responded sunrise. Let wasabi onto pieces of food that you want to enjoy then dipped into soy sauce. This is the wasabi and soy sauce using the right one.

[blue] 2. Avoid double bite of food [/ blue]

The bite of food into pieces is considered rude in Japan. Japanese minimize placing a particular food unfinished on the disc. So try to eat everything with just one piece, unless the food is too large pieces, then use your hands to cover your mouth.

[blue] 3. Do not use food corbels fall [/ blue]

The Japanese, using his left hand to catch falling food or water is a spectacular action. Although this action may avoid falling food cause unnecessary stains on clothes or tablecloths, but it really is a eating habits to avoid when dine Japanese style.
[br ] [blue] 4. Not overturned bowl lid [/ blue]

Overturned bowl lid is a sign that many people understandmistakes that you;re done with the bowl. So let the lid bowl as they are brought to the table waiter. Add another reason to avoid doing this because you most likely will damage the cap when they turned upside down.

[blue] 5. Do not put the lid on the bowl or scalloped discs riêng[/blue]
10 rules to know when to enjoy Japanese cuisine
[/ Center]
Put the shells into a bowl dish. Photo: yeutretho.
When serving some foods such as oyster shells, oysters ..., many people have a habit of empty shells placed on the disc cover or separate bowl. Japanese people see this as an act uncivil. The best way in this case is to the main part of this shell into a bowl dish.

[blue] 6. No bowl chopsticks before lifting up [/ blue]

When joining a Japanese meal, please note lift chopsticks bowl before eating. If you want to switch to another bowl, put the chopsticks down, then a bowl. Only after lifting the bowl, you will be allowed to hold the chopsticks.

[blue] 7. Do not put the chopsticks back and forth or touch food if you do not intend to pick up [/ blue]

The Japanese avoid gripping food and then leave them to pick up other items. This action is considered to be a history of bad manners. Make use of all the dishes in the meal of choice dishes before putting chopsticks to pick up without knowing how to pick up food.

[blue] 8. No horizontal roller mouth guard bát[/blue]
10 rules to know when to enjoy Japanese cuisine
[/ Center]
Please use the chopsticks at dinner Japanese guard. Photo: apujapan.
For many people, the bowl guard horizontal rod is a fairly normal diet, but in Japan it is said that eating the wrong rules. If you want to put down the chopsticks, put them on the attic the chopsticks. In the absence of guard chopsticks, how you can use chopsticks to chopsticks folded into the attic. And when you do not know how to fold, just put chopsticks on the tray or a similar object that has on the table.

[blue] 9. Do not use the other end of the chopsticks to pick up food [/ blue]

The reason Japanese people avoid using the other end of the chopsticks to pick up food because this is the part in contact with hands, as part not clean. If you want to pick up with chopsticks clean food, ask the waiter to get more new chopsticks.

[blue] 10. Do not put food on the top [/ blue]

While eating, many people often pick up food and put at eye level. This is the limited need if you are in a Japanese meal.

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