Vinh Long down to eat fruits and riding ostriches

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Vinh Long about 135 km from Ho Chi Minh City, the distance is quite suitable for a weekend trip or holiday phượt.

Vinh Long welcomed guests with spectacular and romantic looks of My Thuan bridge, the wrong fruit orchards, gentle Tien river, the ancient temples, majestic architecture.

the ideal time [/ blue]

You Vinh Long can be reached any time, the summer, there are fruit orchards wrong, the spring, the weather is cool, easy chịu.

Vinh Long down to eat fruits and riding ostriches
[/ Center]

The wrong laden orchards are characteristic of soil of Vinh Long. [/ center]
Preparation [/ blue] [ br]
- Any costume you like. But if you consider moving more, should wear neat clothes, shoes, sandals sunk. [Br]
- Wear sunscreen if the sun came in the season and gear if rain came during the rainy season. [ br]
- Bring mosquito cream and insect drugs.

- Bring tents, jackets, pot if you intend to camp.

move [ / blue]

By public transport [/ i]

You can buy tickets online car Saigon - Vinh Long in the western bus station, contact the ticket high quality car manufacturers such as Mai Linh, Phuong Trang ... fares from 90,000 to 150,000 depending on the company. Travel time is approximately 2-3 hours. [Br]
Besides, you can buy a day or overnight tour of the travel company at a price of 300,000 to 400,000 VND / person (includes car, lunches or tickets to cultural sites).

by means individuals [/ i]

There are many directions come from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long, but was many players selected phượt least from Phu Lam roundabout and Trung Luong Expressway (Trung Luong junction to the passing away of Tien Giang Rach Mieu bridge - Ben Tre; the My Thuan bridge go Tien Giang - Vinh Long.

reference schedule for a trip one day and one night in Vinh Long

- 10am to Vinh Sang farm or Binh island, rest, have lunch and take a nap.

- 14h enjoy amateurs, visit the farm (islet), interesting experience of this place (biking, kayaking, fishing, river bathing ...). If interested, can shorten the time here to enlist visiting the temples. [Br]
- 17 pm to the hotel, check in. Then dinner, explore Vinh Long wandering at night. The next morning started early bus to HCMC. [Br]
Location play [/ blue]

Vinh Sang Farm Security and isles Bình

Vinh Long down to eat fruits and riding ostriches
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Ecotourism of Tien Giang tied to two prominent names as Vinh Sang Farm and An Binh Island. Common point of the two sites is that you will have the opportunity to reincarnation of farmers involved tank ditches, enjoy the signature dish of water, listening to traditional music, indulge in a hammock nap truth deep in the peaceful countryside. Besides, if you come in summer, you will be free to explore a series of delicious fruit in the garden. [Br]
Equipped investment and closer, so infrastructure architecture of Vinh Sang Farm better, as well as various types for you to have fun, relax more as ostrich riding, fishing crocodile, rowing, nets ... Meanwhile, Binh island to dimensional space tourists to villages Country literally with a few interesting highlights was his bonsai gardens Six Church with hundreds of ornamental plants; Mr Muoi floor, wooden stilt houses on the canals take Ninh Hoa, Hoang Hai;s house was built by French architecture ...

Van Thanh Temple [/ blue]

Van Thanh temple, one of the rare cultural temples of the Mekong delta in 1864 and is built from, worship Confucius. It also has 3 temples are classified as religious tourism of guests interested in worship and sightseeing that Long An ancient temple (temple At Empire) was built more than two decades ago. Tien Chau Pagoda with wooden truss quarter game, Amida Buddha large clay. [Br]
Tien Chau Pagoda
[/ blue]
The temple is located on An Binh Island under farAn Binh, Long Ho District, opposite the town of Vinh Long, on the other side of Co Chien River. Venerable Tien Chau Pagoda by the German Association of the 19th century set about on a large land area, cool. Temple pagoda, also known as Di - Da or Suzhou. [Br]
American Bridge Thuận

Vinh Long down to eat fruits and riding ostriches
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Besides this type of tourism, Tien Giang also attract visitors to the My Thuan bridge brilliant weekend in the night or when there are festivals with impressive laser light system; Journeys washed in the canal in boats tiny baby not least, exciting river bathing sessions, visit coconut candy factory, visiting the village of rough red pottery ...

[ blue] rest [/ blue]

There are 3 options for overnight in Vinh Long is camping, slept and rent houses. Each plan has advantages and shortcomings depending on preference, the number of people, age ... to decide. If you choose to rent a room, convenient to visit, should choose hotels on the central route of the Vinh Long City as 3/2, Trung Nu Vuong, Le Loi, Nguyen Thi Ut, Hung Dao Vuong ... Apart , you can also choose to book hotel backpacker wrong with people like hotels Thai Binh, Thanh Binh guest houses, motels Binh Lu ... Note booked prior to arrival.
[br ] eating
[/ blue]
- rice pancake: Purple afternoon near the junction.

- Con resort garden party, eating great fried gourami owls.

- shop afternoon afternoon one-way road, through the Bridge Fish 200m turn left into the alley 50 meters, on the left bar. Bankruptcy Gets pig heart, beef, rice water is fresh water, great tasty too. Especially with people nhậu.

Vinh Long down to eat fruits and riding ostriches
[/ Center]

Break Gets delicious pig heart owls. [/ center]
- Pho Saigon, Pham Thai Bường cross the bridge about 40 meters turn right 30 m on the right.

- restaurant Tianjin (Pham Thai Bường, near Vinh Long television). with cevil dishes: tofu milk, pumpkin fried cotton, pure fake civet, spinning roller mouse, mushroom hot pot ...

- chicken hotpot race: next to the stadium.

- Pham Thai Bường (ward 4) DTU shop, popular ... and countless other pubs (based on comfort, not worried about the tight guillotine).

- lunch: Quan Tan Tan, located on the Trung Vuong (near the waterfront, the old hospital side). Insert special fried fish. [Br]
- Quan Nguyen Thanh (The teacher;s house) next to the Le Van Luong delicious, cheap, around 20,000 VND / plate. [Br]
- Com Security average (old) opposite Taiwan Tram clinic was also delicious food.

- shop in ward 1 rice 12, near the German Thieng, delicious, eating barbecue (only sell the morning). [br ]
- the Saigon restaurant is delicious and cheap food.

- Southern goat hot pot shop in ward 8, at the intersection of dog meat restaurant Purple 3 afternoon, on the road or rabbit meat Pho Co Dieu , chicken hotpot race in ward 2 (the stadium which - on the inside always).

Specialty bought [/ blue]

Apart from fruits series, dishes you should not ignore is that prawn, rice paper rolls, fire fish, fruit tea ...

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