Self cure hemorrhoids by 3 weighs only readily available herb

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I suffer from hemorrhoids were 5 years ago, a year of severe hemorrhoids found on Level 3 to Level 4. After moving 3 months to heal itself, so far I have escaped the disease.

I was about to enter this year sixties, working at a corporate office in Pleiku City, Gia Lai province. I suffer from hemorrhoids were 5 years ago, a year of severe hemorrhoids found on Level 3 to Level 4. When moving bowel fresh blood, sometimes dripping, flowing out like chickens sometimes bled. Tufts hemorrhoids protrude, swollen and painful to be self-contained. Night sleeping to wake up because of intense itching in the anus (symptoms of severe hemorrhoids). But for everyday work I still have to go to work. I have documented, carefully studied the disease to heal yourself when no condition to come to surgery at the hospital and also to save money. After 3 months of healing, so far I have escaped the disease.

From practice I have accumulated experience and know-how on how to prevent and self-treat their hemorrhoids by the popular herb and is very easy to search. Now I am writing this to you, who are hemorrhoids (especially is considered severe) self-refer and treat yourself with a very high efficiency, very low cost, negligible. Seriously ill if you drink herbal medicines must be used continuously over 6 months, the cost is quite large, but if the patient does not abstain eating, living, the hemorrhoids are still recurring.
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here are remedies and treatments that specifically.

- First, the patient must be perseverance, hard. Every day it takes about half an hour to steam, soak anus.
- Herbal hemorrhoids treatment is individual lettuce (also known as crystal fishing draft): The stalks and leaves. Vegetables are not rare, are sold in the market, the price of VND500 per bundle. Fish lettuce heat effect, detoxification, diuretic, pepper emphysema, antiseptic.

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The activelettuce substances in fish is quercetin, isoquercetin have strong diuretic effect, and durable as capillaries. Fish oils contain decanonyl acetaldehyde lettuce anti-inflammatory effect, strong antibacterial (inhibition of staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus, bacillus dysentery ...). So fish lettuce used to treat constipation, hemorrhoids very effectively and to treat inflammatory bowel disease, dysentery, urinary retention, pimples, sores itch ...

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- First came the fresh turmeric: Folk art is considered effective medicine to heal injured so often applied on the pimples coming out of his mouth to lick instant, not healing and bad scarring. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, reducing the risk of infection.

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- figs: According to Oriental medicine, taking average figs, sweet, sound effects Pi conditions colon (promote digestion, clean the intestines), pepper emphysema, detoxification, there cure enteritis can use, dysentery, know defecation, hemorrhoids, sore throat, boils, rashes ... figs contain a variety of vitamins, and dextrose fractoza ... is amazing fruit for those who suffer from constipation ( birth causes hemorrhoids).

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- A little salt:
salt natural hemostatic, antiseptic, which dry quickly and heal wounds, hemorrhoids, anal fissure using less salt mixed with hot water, sat soaked.
[ br] - The bullet cure hemorrhoid suppositories: Protolog

The leaves and stalks fish lettuce: 2 small bunch
fresh turmeric: turmeric 01 by knuckles pounded
figs: A few halved figs old
Salt: A teaspoon

the four kinds on small pot put, for as long as 02 liters of water to boil .
to relieve hot shed potty, placed under the seat gouged 1 hole diameter 10 cm.
stormed anal Sitting about 15 minutes.

Then pour the water from the potty to brass pots added with a little hot water and sit down for another 15 minutes soaking anal half. Dry with a soft cloth soaked to the anus.
Cook and burst into the end of the day, on an empty stomach, after exercise, walking.

The severe hemorrhoids using the toilet to sit on the bridge sunk , avoid squatting. Defecation done using water from a hose to wash the anus. No paper to wipe because anal tearing.

The evening before bed tucked into the anal hemorrhoids members (approximately 10 days).

Combined with lettuce leaf fish grind to drink and eaten as vegetables daily along with a variety of vegetables and fruits such as papaya, banana ... Every day more than 2 liters of drinking water, split evenly drink since I got up until 19 pm. Abstaining from eating hot spicy food such as pepper, garlic, chili, lemon grass root, galangal, ginger ... Absolutely not treated in time though very little alcohol.

doing on the disease from 7 -10 days will see clearly relieved. And after one to two months will see a very significant decrease disease. If the patient is not yet assured, continue treatment for another month. The tufts hemorrhoids will shrink and shrink itself into the anus, is healed.

Once the disease must also abstain from alcohol, beer, hot spicy foods, keeping your body does not have constipation, exercise sports are

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