Tip teething pain efficient smart home

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Wisdom teeth are inside the back teeth and molars are the last teeth, usually grows at age 16 to 20. And when wisdom teeth often leads to symptoms lasting toothache pain affects the nerves and sometimes accompanied by high fever. That is why today I will share how smart teething pain effectively at home.

How to effectively reduce pain without medication

Keep the mouth

Once teething wise it will be very painful, redness and swelling, this time very vulnerable to infection, therefore you should gargling with saline (sodium chloride 0.9%) to after eating to disinfect dental always clean. Also you should use antiseptic wash water directly into the wisdom teeth grow about 15 minutes, day 2 times

Taking antibiotics, analgesics

when wisdom teeth can often be accompanied by the state, such as fatigue, fever, painful swelling up therefore you should use a mild antibiotic to reduce the pain and follow the instructions of doctors siDung drugs birth pain caused by wisdom teeth bring

How wise teething pain by acupressure

wisdom teething causes swollen gums, pain leads to affects the nerves that make up the first sharp pain in addition to taking antibiotics, pain relief, you should use a number of measures such as acupressure positive trade analgesia also very effective.

[IMG] http://media2.ola88.com/images/112015/55/download2015111500224441.jpg [/ IMG] [/ center]
The grave was located in the ocean injured finger points (located adjacent liver skin between fingers and the back of the finger). Use two fingers of the hand opposite the injured positive day on the grave. Note: Toothache party, the right-hand reflexology there. Implementing this continuous movement helps relieve pain effectively.

How wise teething pain with garlic

Use garlic: [ / b] Use 1 smashed garlic cloves 1 cup small water + salt + 1 then dissolve into one another. Use absorbent solution to the areapain will have very good analgesic effect
Tip teething pain wise

Use ice packs on the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger and analgesic effects. Because this is where the nerves can cause irritation of a region of the brain, blocking the pain if any effect on it.

Also if wisdom teeth lead to high fever, intense pain, soreness stretching, teeth difference, then you should grow oblique to heath facility to be the doctors examine and advise the appropriate treatment options and more effective.

On here is the article shows you how smart teething pain effectively at home in order to avoid the pain by giving wisdom teeth. Wish you always chronic health

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