How to kill fleas lice cat dog

Ngày đăng: 25/12/2014
Please introduce to you the dog tick treatments are simple but quite effective. Do not harm the health of the dog, and extremely safe for human health.
about dogs and fleas is phobia of dogs, especially dogs are in the age of big food. They cause uncomfortable itching dog particularly affect the surrounding environment, sometimes affecting the whole of human life. Therefore, we need to find ways to treat dog ticks safe and effective is what a lot of people interested. Here are some methods of how to effectively treat your dog ticks can apply offline.

Tri mites by regularly bathed dog

For the winter, the weather is quite cold, so the dogs bathe regularly is relatively difficult. Total bath will be more limited. But for those hot color, then you should bathe your dog regularly for about 2 days 1 times. This work is also an effective treatment of dog ticks. With clean, no foul, the dog ticks and fleas will not be able to stay long or they will die after every time we bathe dogs.

properly Bathing helps dog tick treatment [ / b]

Do you bathe your dog regularly but had bathed properly? Bathing dogs properly is also a pretty good therapy dog ​​ticks. Dog ticks are parasitic species, as parasites on dog hair, we prefer the stinking dog fur, wet, and dirty. So when you bathe the dog, the dog will run to the lapel coat dry and high above the dry feathers on the head, ears dog. Grasp the characteristics of the dog tick, we;ll have family bathroom on the first dog from the front then to the back and the dog itself. Let;s grasp the principle that every bath from above to below the low. The shower properly it will make dog ticks or fleas are destroyed even more.

Using orange peel, lemon peel dog ticks very good value

The way therapy dog ​​ticks are very few people know. Try as you will be amazed as the use of lemon peel, orange peel. This is done as follows. You just boil water with orange peel and lemon peel, grapefruit peel can be oldng is. Use this water to bathe the dog regularly, making dog ticks, fleas die.
One other dog tick treatments you can use orange peel soaked in boiling water, grapefruit overnight, then get this country entered spray, sometimes you spray for dogs. Helping dogs are sweet, less hoi, then it rhymes dog ticks from crawling fleas will go elsewhere.

The above are some effective treatments dog ticks, you can refer to kill mites for his dog house. This relatively safe ways for the health of dogs, they will feel comfortable and more pleasant than the dog tick treatments such as injections or other medication.

Tri ve dog by holding the dog in hygienic places

ve dog or the seeds of ticks, fleas is certified will have a lot of dogs or located in places such as dog drive hate. If the period is dog fleas ticks or fleas are the best then you do not let them on the sofa or in your home where regular activities. Keep clean that no dog ticks best environment to produce and to flourish. A therapy dog ​​ticks indirectly but quite effectively. Do not ever ignore this detail nh

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