The players do not forget to do phượt fog lamps break when excess moisture highland rainy day offline

Ngày đăng: 25/12/2014
Can gold threads car stickers are very integrated solutions for economical and rational you go mountains with fog or drizzle, only 1 bit handy, you;ve got one nice products, cool, useful, made by self-tui !

the size is 20x30cm, costs about 10k pieces decals can be used for two vehicle headlamps 1 Dream big lights, EN 150, Min, Wave, and the beveled form vehicle maker, has 3 lamps can be as car stickers EX, Futures, FX ...

[red] you do not forget, !!! [/ red]

why should we turn on the lights when it;s raining gold, blind? [/ b]
the inventor of the automobile has found a way to overcome the optical phenomenon makes it difficult to drive by luminaries mounted on a light bulb emits light gold.

Dr. Nguyen Le Ninh, former Deputy Chairman of the Vietnam Automobile Engineers (VSAE) said: Driving in conditions of heavy rain or dense fog makes space from fogging ahead of time, limited sight distance to see clearly see opposite vehicles or obstacles on the way of driving. But if the car;s headlights on, the worse because of the light of headlights in the fog, it will constitute a dazzling halo as the driver.

[center] [IMG alt = These Phượt picking up familiar blue fog headlights as soon buying high vuot am bared region ] [/ IMG] [/ center] [ br]
to avoid this danger, the inventor of the automobile has found a way to overcome the optical phenomenon on by inserting a bulb into a reflector lamp emits a yellow light. By yellow light at 595 nm wavelength is 580 ~ (nanometers) shorter than daylight (~ 700nm light colorless). The energy of yellow light is larger, about 210kJ / mol compared to ~ 170kJ / mol for daylight. Thus, the yellow light beam easily penetrate fog mist without being knocked back.

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