Review chùa Tam Chúc, Kim Bảng

Ngày đăng: 21/03/2024

Tam Chuc Pagoda is located in Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province, Vietnam, approximately 65 km south of the capital Hanoi. It is one of the largest pagodas in Southeast Asia, famous for its majestic and magnificent beauty, situated in a picturesque complex of mountains, lakes, and rivers.

Tam Chuc Pagoda is known for its new appearance after renovation and expansion, but it also has a long history filled with legends and myths. The pagoda spans a vast area of about 5,000 hectares, including many unique architectural structures such as the Tam Quan Gate, Ngoc Tower, Dai Hung Bao Dien (Great Heroic Hall), and a large Buddha statue garden.

One of the highlights of Tam Chuc Pagoda is the harmonious combination of traditional architecture and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Tam Chuc Lake, located right in front of the main entrance, creates a stunning scenic picture against the backdrop of rolling mountains.

Tam Chuc Pagoda is not only a spiritual tourism destination attracting millions of visitors annually but also a venue for many important events such as the United Nations Vesak Day 2019, demonstrating the cultural and religious exchange in Vietnam.

With its serene, majestic, and sacred atmosphere, Tam Chuc Pagoda is an unmissable destination for those interested in exploring Vietnamese culture and spirituality.

Xem chỉ đường tới Tam Chúc, tt. Ba Sao, Kim Bảng, Hà Nam, Vietnam

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