Vietnamese pho conquer diners in America

Ngày đăng: 25/12/2014
In the land of flowers fibromyalgia, pho Vietnam has long known. The noodle shop of the Vietnamese can be found everywhere across America, from the East Coast to the West Coast.

ietnamese many foreigners dish known as pho, spring rolls , bread, fried fish ..., of which noodle is the most famous dish. Many foreign visitors to Vietnam when asked what the most liked dishes from Vietnam, the answer usually is pho.

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[i] PHO is Vietnam;s most widely known in the United States [/ i]
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in the United States, wherever there are people there with Vietnamese noodle soup. In regions where many Vietnamese people live, the number of the little noodle shop was not.

The Vietnam noodle shop in the US are very crowded. Pho is considered delicious, easy to eat, not fat should be discerning diners West selection. As for overseas Vietnamese and Vietnamese American to work, travel, they usually go to the noodle shop to forget the feeling of Day after day of fast food and many dairy foods.

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[i] disk raw vegetables are served with pho [/ i] [/ center]

I Michael Hung, who has lived in America for 20 years and currently residing in the city of Sacramento (California), said the Vietnamese in the US ( especially in Orange county) has all the traditional dishes of Vietnam such as cakes, noodles, rice noodles, porridge ..., in which the most popular noodle dish.

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Miss Saigon - a diner from Vietnam is well known in San Francisco [/ center]

to find Vietnam noodle shop in the US, customers just go online, type the keyword Pho , Vietnam , location into Google;s search engine can see the names of noodle soup, with address, hoursclose-opening and evaluation of diners ate.
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The statue Vietnam women in traditional ao dai Vietnam Country and paintings exhibited at Miss Saigon restaurant in San Francisco [/ center]

Only through the use of keywords in, the location is Washington DC, the search engine Google has released a series of Vietnam as Pho Viet Pho restaurant, Pho DC, Pho 14, Pho Hiep Hoa, Pho Anh Dao , Pho Tan Vinh ...

Jeff Hodson veteran journalist, who lives in Seattle, said he had been to Vietnam several times and found pho in Vietnam diverse and abundant. According to Jeff, there are many noodle shop in Seattle, yet also seemed zones of the Vietnamese noodle shop, it proves that Vietnam food is quite popular in the US.

The noodle shop in the United States mostly use Its dry noodles (same yarn from northern pancake but smaller and thinner fibers) to cook the noodles. So, slightly chewy noodles and fragrant characteristics of rice varieties of fresh noodles.

American Pho is served with lemon, green pepper, onion, chili, vegetables or ceiling, depending facility guest likes. Most raw vegetables including price, smell, basil, but the price difference is fat and long stalks, sweet-eating; basil branch long, broad leaves.

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dish dry bun cha Xyclo shop in Oakland [/ center]

The shops often serve beef noodle soup, with such diverse genres as well as in Vietnam re, nine, ribbed, studded bucket, oxtail ... often to the pieces of beef, sliced ​​thin and soft. Noodle tasty, fatty, tasty. In Vietnam, more noodle bar and less fat.

The noodle shop in the US allows diners choosing large bowl or small bowl arbitrary, with different prices. US small bowl equivalent normal pho in Vietnam. Compared to the price of each bowl of pho noodle soup in the country, the higher US prices ChildrenEU, ranging from US $ 6-8 (125-170 thousand) for the small bowl or 9-10 dollars (200-220 thousand) for large bowl, that;s not including tip 10%, is regarded as an imperative in USA.

Miss Saigon - a diner from Vietnam are well known in San Francisco
the Vietnam women;s statue in traditional ao dai Vietnam Country competition exhibited at Miss Saigon restaurant in San Francisco
According to Michael Hung, pho more meat in America, tastier beef, better water quality for use pho bony cows (bovine bone in the US is very cheap, almost to zero), the larger bowls, clean and more hygienic. Meanwhile in Vietnam, bowls usually have more delicious and more fresh vegetables. Hung said he personally ate noodles while in the US then in Vietnam less where he really saw just mouth.

As Jeff says he does not recognize the differences between the pho in Vietnam pho Nam and the United States and believe that the quality is up to each shop. But Jeff said Vietnamese pho has completely conquered him.

In addition to leading noodle dish, most American eateries are adding other dishes on the menu to serve the diverse needs of diners, including many dishes of Vietnam.

Miss Saigon restaurant in San Francisco also serve beef noodle dry mix, fried noodles, roast pork, fried rice, fried vegetables, steamed rice. .. Xyclo shop, located on Piedmont Avenue in the city of Oakland, also have a very diverse menu as beef noodle soup, crab vermicelli, bun cha, beef bordelaise sauce ...

most of the noodle shop were closed from 8-9 pm, but there are also some shops open until 2-3 am like Noodle bar in California.

I Hung said that food is something everyone to enjoy themselves own comments. But we can say, if the pho is a culinary culture of the Vietnamese ancient world and are widely recognized in the US is enjoying pho is a fascinating experience in the journey to explore the origin country flag water flowers.

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