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Ngày đăng: 25/12/2014
Kim Son district (Ninh Binh) with raw fish specialties are crooked. Although some parts of the province also opened shop this introduction but raw fish dishes at Kim Son nhech is considered the best.

every eventuality into the rain gauge is 2 months away fishing season nhech. Fish crooked with them with live eels but curved slightly salty waters (crooked roots) and live in brackish water (infamous crooked). Nhech tubers broad, long infamous crooked. Nhech fish breeding eel in length, but the width of the breed eels. Fish meter-long curved with children, children 3-4 taels, the heavy to the kilogram. Smooth curved and ferocious fish, so fishing is not easy.
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crooked can fish processing warehouse many dishes such as fried, sour soup, braised fish salad ... But the most popular is crooked. To not be fishy salad, after the start fish for, take lime water, lye, bamboo leaf plucking sunken clear mucus on the skin. surgery harvesting fish like eel spine back to boning. the meat is cut into slices fresh pink color varieties fruit fish (snakehead) . hearing is made of glutinous rice roasted, crushed new fragrant and fleshy. Mix quickly with a hearing for fragrant fish meat. get the fried fish skin to roll with salad. fish bones crushed to brew vinegar (it is called cook diagonal). Save vinegar is blended with ginger, garlic, chilli, pepper and chopped lemongrass.
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can be processed by adding fresh vinegar. vinegar must be dark red, thicken , flavor spices, while watering salad vinegar on food packages, not flowing out of hand. Sewing sauce preparation is also important. sauce salad made from fish sauce, fresh ginger, garlic, pepper, seasoning, pepper . Some salad with shrimp paste dots are also flavor. Salad is served with sesame pancake, with leaves like beating fish, smelly boat, figs, lentils nails, hair dream ...

When eating, each one according to borderto book salad. Someone swept by fried fish skin, while others are rolling the leaves things mentioned above. But hardly see anyone on curved salad with rice paper. Nhech delicious raw fish, fragrant and fleshy, very characteristic taste, eat once is remembered.

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