Address the most beautiful cafe in Phu Quoc

Ngày đăng: 25/12/2014
Does the cafe Phu Quoc any different than coffee Saigon, Hanoi or elsewhere? Let;s explore Phu Quoc excited and feel nhé!

Sea Street Cafe (near Dinh Cau)
Of course, can not fail to mention the first coffee Sea Street, who has been to Sea Street also agree that this is the cafe with the most beautiful view of Phu Quốc.


Address the most beautiful cafe in Phu Quoc
Hoàng coffee kissed look from Sea Street [/ center]

Sea Street in hydrometeorological station Phu Quoc, subtle European architecture - French sophistication. Drinks here cost between 20,000 and above, normally open bar soothing instrumental music. Located adjacent to Dinh Cau, overlooking the West Sea, Sea Street is a place to watch the sunset favorite hotel lịch.


Address the most beautiful cafe in Phu Quoc
[i] popular coffee shop with the most beautiful view of Phu Quoc [/ i] [/ center]

[red] Coffee - Cream Buddy (Bach Dang) [/ red] [ br]
This is a coffee shop on Bach Dang street, opposite the pier, concentrated foreign tourists. Tourists often sit for breakfast and coffee while waiting for the train at the Buddy to visit the island, snorkeling. Consistent with beautifully decorated, delicate, small details such as furniture, paintings, fresh flowers are a little hard in the shop carefully. Buddy renowned as the most delicious ice cream shop on Phu Quoc, the price of ice cream and drinks here equivalent to the large shop in Hanoi, TP.HCM.


Address the most beautiful cafe in Phu Quoc
Ice cream and cake at Buddy quite tasty [/ center]

In particular, Mr. Rohan Backs innkeeper and his wife carefully Phu Quoc also a tourist information board about Vietnam and Phu Quoc to guests reference travel. You will receive a map table, free guided tours at Buddy when drinking coffee.

Coffee Leaf (Tran Hung Dao)

This is one of the cafes on Phu Quoc containing the most,the decoration of leaves quite rustic, slightly bring nostalgic, interwoven unique details. Tables, chairs, cups, books, black and white TV sets, old bicycle ... carries a nostalgic strokes, coast dáng.


Address the most beautiful cafe in Phu Quoc
A unique decorative panels in Coffee Leaves [/ center]

Consistent with outer space to admire Dinh Cau Night Market, the space inside the small and cozy. Our menu is quite rich with coffee, ice cream, pastries, smoothies, beer, cocktaiil ...
Coffee Wall (Bach Đằng)

[center]Address the most beautiful cafe in Phu Quoc[/center]

Located opposite the passenger ship port Duong Dong, coffee concentrated Walls and tourist office. The shop is spacious, airy, coffee and drinks here are quite good preparation. The price formula drinks from 25,000 or more, in addition to drinks, Wall also served lunch with dishes: steak, seafood fried rice, fried noodles seafood ... -70 000 contracts 50,000 price range.

[ b] coffee Lantern (formerly known as coffee house floor, Nguyen Trung Truc)

Lantern lovely space, elegant, the wooden huts and ancient tile roof characterized by ancient Vietnamese restaurant. restaurant with middle-aged guests, like quietness. coffee lantern most beautiful in the evening, when the colorful lanterns, lit shapes shimmer. here you will feel like you are in a Hoi an Income

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