What should and should not eat a fever?

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Fever is the body;s response to infection. Normally, the body temperature can be lower or higher than 370C limits a bit average. Rectal temperatures are generally higher than about 0,50C. When body temperature is the temperature at the armpit ≥ 37,50C pairs or rectal temperature ≥ 380C.Duoi here is a list of foods should and should not eat when you have a fever.
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What should and should not eat a fever? [/ center]

Do: [ br] drink plenty of water: When the body is dehydrated, the bacterial viruses often develop stronger. When a fever, you should drink more water than usual to replenish the lost water. [Br] The compensation enough water when your fever will not be exhausted, the toxins in your body will also be removed quickly and easier.

What should and should not eat a fever? [/ center]

in addition, you should also change the water filter with cooled boiled water mixed with hydride or oresol to compensate electrolytes.

eat liquid food: soup, noodles, pho, map diluted easy to swallow food cooked with chicken, pork, beef will help your nutritional supplements are necessary for the body, soothe discomfort.
In particular, porridge or soup cooked from AC-Japanese chicken is chicken in addition to the effects of nutritional supplements also help the body against dehydration and infection.
Juice, smoothies: The fruits such as orange, lemon, strawberry, mango, bananas ... the preferences while you have a fever.

Let;s take the time to eat fruit because it just provides more vitamins for the body, helps reduce fever, offset electrolytes were secret. If you do not want to eat, you can squeeze into a blender or fruit juice to make it taste better. [Br]

Eat more vegetables: Those familiar foods like coffee yogurt, vegetables spinach, spinach, cabbage, spinach ... in the form of boiled, soup has cooled down certain benefits when you are suffering from a fever.
Do not get too abstinence in the diet this is sick time, you will be nutritional deficiencies.
Additional milk cyclea: Yogurt is a food also useful when you are sick or fever, they will help replenish beneficial bacteria for the gut, healthier body, better digestion, avoid getting more other diseases.
Do not:

Do not drink a lot of ice, cold water: When you have a fever, if you drink too much cold water temperature of the body will not decrease, but also a higher fever.
Especially in the case of fever due to infections of the gastrointestinal tract function is reduced, the water is too cold drinks will also be very dangerous to your health.

What should and should not eat a fever?

tea: the quality tannins in tea will makes the body temperature can rise. Drink plenty of tea and tea too dense will make the brain in a state of irritation, increased blood pressure leads to increase in body temperature of patients. [Br]
On the other hand, if patients are fever that drinking tea reduces the effect or effects of the drug lost antipyretic.
Eat eggs: Normal eggs are a very nutritious food for health. However, we again recommend that eggs should not eat when sick. [Br] Because there are a lot of eggs so after eating protein will generate a large amount of heat. [Br]

What should and should not eat a fever?
Eat eggs when the fever can make the body temperature to rise. Illustrations [/ center]

People with a fever, especially children eating eggs will make body heat increases are not spread out, thus increasing fever and a long off .

honey: honey is a tonic for the body, however, if you eat too much honey is very easy to have a fever when body temperature increases .

eat garlic, chili, pepper: the spicy, spicy foods do produce a lot of heat in the body, therefore, this is also the reason that the who has a fever should limit hot spicy food. [b

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