Carp and medical benefits from food

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Carp in traditional medicine is also known under the name of fishermen. Meat, fish fins and head are valuable medicine.

thick and fat carp meat, less bone chips, fine white flesh, taste ... Not only is the food delicious but carp also contains many nutrients, effects good treatment, especially women;s diseases.

in Xinjiang Chinese medicine section Ly has written: carp is positive in the negative, urinating effect, so there curable diseases when the cold, baked goods to the fire, has found welding room, average milk lung, digestive cleansing, excretion and toxicity rid of the swelling cholera.

carp Chinese folk often called Ich Galaxy consumption patterns (the elixir gynecological treatment) because it has prominent effects in this area.

According to the antique books, carp spleen tonic, diuretic, consistent standards, through milk, cough, sore ... is one of the nutritious food for pregnant women. Do diuretic, should accordingly carp consumption is also used in many other diseases, such as liver, kidney

glutinous rice stew carp: There is an effect of pregnancy, additional blood, temperate spleen, except for fatigue, anemia, milk benefits. Carp a 250g, slices of ginger, glutinous rice 200g. Fish soaked in alcohol and then boiled for porridge apple ginger to tender.

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[br ] carp soup with apples: Fact spleen, blood sugar, pregnancy support growth. Carp a 500g, 40g apple University. Fish cleaning for apples, for less salt in cooking. Eat and drink slowly both broths. Eating weeks, continuous 2-3 lần.

Carp and medical benefits from food [/ Center]

red bean soup carp (granules): An fetal blood tonic, diuretic consumption barrel. Scales Carp leave a 500g, 150g red beans cooked together for like hell to eat and water.

carp Bean Porridge XI: There is an effect of pregnancy, diuretic, Pi conditions, maintenance status. Carp a 500g, 10g xị beans, onions 2 trees, glutinous rice 200g. Boiled fish get water, fish bones removed,porridge. Jelly bean porridge for root beer, onions, boil again, divided 2 times to eat.

Carp, a mobile communication pregnant cure: a 500g Carp, a communication (stars ) 20g, 100g glutinous rice, adequate water, porridge almost nine for ginger, tangerine peel, salt. Noodle a week off.

Congee carp, hemp roots: There is an effect of pregnancy cure a sore back, edema. Fresh carp 1 child (400 - 500g), flax roots 15g, 100g glutinous rice, cooking carp drain cleaning bones removed. Sharp thorns roots take water away residue. Get the fish water, water hemp roots to eat hot porridge 2 times, a course of 3-5 days.

Congee carp, onions, turmeric: There are diuretic, standards compliance, benefits of milk: 1 child carp 500g, 100g rice, 2 onions, saffron, wine, spices. Carp cleaning wine marinated, turmeric, then remove the bones get boiled peanuts snakehead and water. As new porridge for fish broth, onion, spice, boil again. Eating in the morning and evening (in the Compendium of Materia Medica re-use technologies that do not use bare bulbs and packaging).

carp soup, ginseng class, imperial period: Additional spleen, event location, diuretic, pepper consistent, safe pregnancy, milk benefits. 1 child 500g Carp clean, ginseng class 15g, 50g imperial period, the fish into the bag and then the soup (to low heat and long to a jelly).

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carp soup, white Atractylodes: Fact spleen, aquatic, blood sugar, safe pregnancy. Carp a 500g, 15g Atractylodes white, 15g for flexibility, or regulation, transparency thược, fresh ginger 10g each. Carp Scale remove the intestines, gills. The medicine pocketed same fabric 1.500ml water, cooked fish. Eating fish soup to drink.

black carp soup: Sue spleen, low carpet, diuretic, all consistent, safe pregnancy. 1 child black carp about 500g, 100g bean primary chain, platinum Atractylodes 20g, 15g packaging white mourning, ceiling 10g packaging, operating three plants flower. Carp cleaned. First cook the beans with 2 primary chain liters of water to hatch. Other herbs and fish on the same canvas bag into the pot with beans, jelly beans, the security until the operator, not the salt. Eating fish first and then eat beans, then drink soup, day 3 times, before.

carp soup with beanweight: Wen yang, and kidney, diuretic, pepper emphysema, proper treatment, back pain. Carp tail to 500g, 30g weight parked, the goji 30g, can Jiang (dried ginger) 10g. Cleaning carp cooked with herbs pocket 3. Tunnel an hour in 2 divided doses during the day to eat fish and water (remove drug residue), also can eat every day or every other day. Eat 5-7 times in a row, take some time off and then used again.

Nursing pregnancy: Carp 300 - 400g. Boiled in 1-3 months. Easy laying work and children born smart, healthy, ruddy.

Announcement milk, add blood: exists Carp burning properties, spreading powder, drink every time 10g, 2 times.

Cure impotence: There;s carp (1cai), 1 female rooster liver, crushed, soaked in white wine 500ml; 5-7 days, as long as possible, sometimes mix. Take 2 times. 30ml times. Or the density of carp 1, finch eggs (1 result), bile rooster (1 piece), as a pill).

Treatment menorrhagia, bleeding during pregnancy: [/ b ] carp fin (half a bowl), roasted charred wormwood leaves and roots and flax (each a holding), crushed, excellent with 400ml water, 100ml also, 2 times a day orally. For 3 consecutive days

Treatment of haemorrhage (uterine bleeding): carp fin (200g), chopped, excellent water and simmer with her until high DAC. On taking 40 - 60g high with warming alcohol, divided into 2

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