The name of Hanoi through the historical period

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Thang Long-Hanoi is the oldest capital city in the history of Vietnam. Before becoming the capital of the Republic of Vietnam under the Ly dynasty (1010), a border area spiritual masterpiece has been the importance of the Northern feudal town (581-618 Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty 618-907). From inception to date, Thang Long-Hanoi has many different names are not written in the State of Vietnam:

1 - Long Do: [/ red] legend has it that, when Cao Bien Tang Dynasty, 866 years, is up to Dai La, detecting human spirit shows up claiming to be Long Do. Therefore, the use of the land is usually called Long Do Thang Long. [Br]
2 - Tong Binh: [/ red] Tong Binh is the name of the head of land forces of the Northern Options domination (581-618), Tang (618-907). Earlier, the head of the Northern domination played in the Long Bien (Bac Ninh ie today), to life Options, recently moved to Tong Binh. [Br]
3 - Dai La: [/ red] According to ancient architecture, capital has always had three identical citadel : within the Forbidden City (burgundy walls) where the king and royal family, between the Citadel and the University of La into the outer. In 866, Cao Dai La Bien accretion for a broad and robust than before. From there, named Dai La. Therefore, moved his capital in the King Ly Thai To (1010) wrote: ... Much more Dai La, former capital of Cao Vuong (that Cao Bien) in between heaven and earth ... . [Br]
4 - Thang Long: [/ red] Book Great Vietnamese history and Complete is written: In the fall, in July of Canh Tuat (1010), the king moved the capital from Hoa Lu to the Economics Minister Dai La, temporarily parked the boat under, with gold dragon boat shows up at the defense, it;s called renamed Thang Long . These are names that are the most literary, the sexiest in the name of Hanoi. [Br]
5 - Dong: [/ red] Book Great Vietnamese history and Complete burn summer in April of the Ox (1397) took the Deputy Minister Le Han Thuong (ie Ho Han Thuong) colonial government regarded as Dong Do . In Kham Vietnamese history through assessment outline the level clearly explaining, Thang Long Dong news, then known as Tay Thanh Hoa, Dong Do Thang Long is . [Br]
[Red] 6 - Dongguan: [/ red] Guan Ming army was called Thang Long Dongguan discriminatory connotations with the capital of our country is such a door of the east of the Chinese feudal state. According to historical records, in 1408, after defeating the Ming Ho Quy Ly father was stationed in the East Chengdu, Dongguan renamed. [Br]
7 - Tokyo: [/ red] Time Le, because Tay Thanh Hoa, so called Thang Long is Tokyo. [Br]
8 - North City: [/ red] Doi Tay Son (1787-1802) as the capital plays in Phu Xuan (Hue), should call the North Thang Long Thanh. [Br]
9 - Thang Long: [/ red] 1802, King Gia Long decided the capital in Phu Xuan (Hue), not out of Thang Long. The name of Thang Long has a long life, so Gia Long had not felt comfortable to leave, keeping the name of Thang Long, but Long is morphed into the letter Dragon Long is prosperous, the excuse that the dragon is a symbol of the king, the king not here, it does not use the word Long is a dragon. The above changes occurred in 1805.

10 - Hanoi: [/ red] 1831, King Minh Mang Thang Long citadel old brings with few surrounding districts as district government Liem, Ung Hoa government, and government Ly Nhan Thuong Tin Ha Noi made, taking the area of ​​old Thang Long capital provincial capital of Hanoi. [Br]

In addition to the formal name is written in the books by the feudal dynasties of Vietnam State poses, Hanoi has the formal name not be used in poetry, folk ... like:

1 - Chang;an [/ yellow] (Chang;an): Chang;an is the name of the capital of two feudal dynasties flourished in most of China. Tien Han (206 BC-8 AD) and Tang (618-907), is the country Grapes used as a blanket term capital only, for example: There may also fragrant jasmine Though not stick who also Chang;an calendar. Chang;an letters here only Thang Long capital. [Br]
2 - Phuong Thanh (Phoenix City): [/ yellow] In early 16th century, the poinsettia Nguyen Gian Thanh, Bac Ninh people, writing various famous Nom PhuongSpring into color varies spring scenery described in the instant Phuong Le Thang Long life. Phuong Phung Thanh Thanh or literature used in our country for only Thang Long. [Br]
3 - Long minutes: [/ yellow] Long Bien capital is the land of our country;s development, where officials closed the Han Dynasty in Jiaozhou office (the name of our country at that time).

4 - Long Thanh: [/ yellow] stands for Long Thanh Thang Long capital only. the poet Ngo Ngoc Du, after winning Xuan Ky Dau (1789) has written articles for century Long Thanh optical recording actually restoring Long Thanh Thang Long News Xishan.

5 - Ha Thanh: [/ yellow] Ha Thanh name is used more in poetry to Hanoi just like all the air Ha Thanh Nguyen Van Giai anthem Ha Thanh Ba Giai understanding of expectations, etc ..

6 - Hoang Dieu: [/ yellow] After the August Revolution in 1945, many articles have been used to indicate the name Hoang Dieu Ha cabinet, mirror remembrance of doge assiduous Hoang Dieu. in fact, there are many words used in folk to Thang Long-Hanoi just like: Ke Cho (Home Economics College, Ke Cho land margins); United Business (Beijing First United, the second city of the Constitution). Thuong Kinh (Such aromatic jasmine can also, There is also a human calendar Superior Business) ...

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