Eye tuna - exclusive items of Phu Yen province

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The number of eye tuna in Phu Yen barely out of the province for just enough to give the local eateries. Elsewhere, if so, how to make packaging are also hardly over.

Phu Yen is a land favored seas out of ink when both the beautiful scenery, to add distinctive cuisine. Besides the tuna dishes such as broccoli Roll mustard soy sauce, hot pot jellyfish, the tuna;s eyes that just mentioning dishes diners have only think of Phu Yen. [Br]
It;s typical dishes but also eye tuna over again, so diners are afraid for the reason looked scared too afraid to look. However, once you have tried this dish, you will surely taste lingering upon leaving Phu Yen. [Br]
Tuna weigh from 40-50 up, so pretty big eyeball. Chefs often take fish eyes on a small earthenware jars, add vegetables, spices and herbs as some kind of jujube, goji ... Then they will put it on the fire ground tofu cooked . Depending on small or big eye tuna from a jar that can hold one or two eye tuna to serve diners.

Eye tuna - exclusive items of Phu Yen province
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Especially as though dishes are stewed with herbs, but some kind of a meal you hardly feel the fish hide the smell of herbs. When eye tuna is cooked, the people here will bring jars with lids materials placed on a small plate for the visitors. Disk side, they did not forget the alcohol and put a fire up members to keep the food hot. [Br]
Between the weather always cool thanks to the sea breeze, the broth a little puffy, took a bite and enjoy jujube ankle ... will make you feel the food culture of the people local people. You remember one more gripping chopsticks herbs, vegetables including shredded shiso entered eaten then the classes end of the delicious dishes. Eye tuna you eat a little Bui Bui, fatty fatty, many domainCentral also to add peanuts, rice paper to eat together. [Br]
Every place in Phu Yen has a different cooking and presentation, but beware of the delicious, the flavor virtually unchanged. You can enjoy this dish at roadside stalls or in restaurants, hotels Phu Yen. Food prices ranged from 20,000 to 30,000 dong a jar. [Br]
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