Techniques for making love long premature ejaculation

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Many eyebrows wing bride looked very tall but when they again succumbed forest block, so how to make love longer ejaculation? Simple but not hard at all of you.

Made a mighty gladiator in the love is the dream of every man. Investigation indicate that, men during love the average time is 5-10 minutes perseverance, and 71% of men are hoping myself might be better expressed. [ br] magazine men;s Health US has to rely on some of the needs of men, summed up 10 tinhhuu effective way to help prolong the relationship.

1. There are myths about the sex with an object identified

You can imagine the shape, gesture to gesture while love of his half time then, it increases the excitement for sex, can be maintained for 15 minutes production soldiers .

2. Repressed

If you;re in the moment, love you feel coming out war, you can slow down the action, while gently suppress the top, so the pressure to focus into the urethra, thus will make the genital blood filled temporarily translate controlled reaction made war .

3. Maintain proper arousal

Status sex can be classified into four stages, ie, excitement, maintain, and plummeted top. Want to prolong production soldiers should grasp sharing rates of different stages. [Br]
For example, if you give satisfaction arousal stage is level 10, you should tries to maintain a state of euphoria at level 7, which means that when the body is not quite hot , it starts acting up, step by step, warming with the stage behind him.

4. Regular exercise for sex

set some muscle movements, such as during urination is stopped a little hold, count to 10 and then continue to discharge out. Additionally, you can also do some of the writing, while driving used to power muscle contraction revenues increased ability to control, control. [Br]

5. Maintaining little notes should not rubbing
When two bodies were completely intertwined, hold little notes , not rubbing, gentle movements slowly at first, gently feel every little change.

6. For women to top before

The principle prioritize women should be applied in the love . When women achieve the climax before, the psychological pressure of men will lessen, under a relaxed state, they can relax maintain increasingly longer time. [Br]
[ b] 7. Pills help properly

Approximately 73% of men have problems production soldiers soon, those who have symptoms might pills help under the guidance and directed by a doctor.

8. Rating game 2 times
In normal circumstances, after the men out war could be 1st vertical to be continued, then the time for on top of the 2nd will last longer, therefore, can experience the feeling of 2 times a night fun .

[IMG] jpg [/ IMG]

9. Women above

In applying the above female postures, excited level is quite low, also can let the women do all the speed. Only when men feel the level of straight small uncle dropped the new speed , so the time for sex will be significantly prolonged. [Br]
10. Interested mate

Imagine to the top will increase the speed of production soldiers . So the best way is to have sex with men need meticulous attention to your partner, caress and massage for women when they;re in their arms and enjoying their best was not feeling great object to the stage to the top

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