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Braking flower

For peach: peach blossom branches If 3-4 days just before Tet, the remaining half of the bud, can brake as follows: Take a plastic nylon bags relative thick, for clean husks or sawdust on, pour water over, dug in and forced spike plug bag back, plug everything in jars (jars put sand or gravel in order to pour the bottle out), then to where airtight, do not touch, do not change the water. Husk bag and it used to be 5-7 days; if dry, mouth water bag to add water. This early blooming peach branch can be extended by 4-5 days (on the condition that the original spike dig not burn). [Br]
For flowers lay-thanks, daisy, dahlia: If the early bloom before all, you can brake as follows: Get many small relatively thick nylon bag, for a less absorbent cotton (can use clean husks or sawdust), each branch using a sponge or a bag, tie the bag mouth and plugged into jars, to airtight place, cool. Flowerpot can be extended by 3-5 days. [Br]

For peach: peach branches to 29, but many lunar buds still not bloom, can finish as follows: mild hơ original dig into the fire or charcoal (not to burn), then plug in the bottle full of water, change the water every day. If there is still more flowers bloom, the night drop into the tank both branches, flower arrangements in vases daytime and light water as mist sprayed onto the branches. Doing so, early blooming peach branch can be 1-2 days. [Br]
For flowers lay-thanks, daisy, dahlia: Can end as follows: Mix warm water poured into the filled jars 35-40 (½ boiled water mixed water, plus outdoor temperatures will create heat 40oC). Change the water twice a day, can be flicked countries like the dew on the leaves and flowers. At night it is possible to warm the chamber flowerpot, closed to prevent cold wind. Flowerpot may open sooner than 2-3 days. [Br]
For early blooming flowers, use some aspirin or a few grams of nitrogen in the water flower harmony. Such flowers are providing some organic matter and minerals necessary to make flowers grow very fast (fast expansion). When dried egg white would be the glue of the brake petal bloom again. Using potassium permanganate to the water sanitizer is also effective flower arrangements make hoa expansion slowed.

How to keep fresh flowers long

- Wall States vi : After cutting preparing flower arrangements, hơ cuts through the fire.

- Chrysanthemum : The more water one little flower arranging flowers urea could survive for 30 days.

- [b ] United Bach Lan : the evening wrapped with a damp cloth flowers spend the day, can keep fresh flowers add 2-3 days.

- United Furong : plug flowers in boiling water for 1-2 minutes before and after plugging in cold water.

- peony and dahlia flowers: watching cuts into hot water before flower in cold water.

- narcissus: Plug flowers in pale salt water (ratio 1/1000).

- Tuberose: [ / b] Connect the water flower on the road

- lotus: Stop the mud on the lower stems, then plug in slightly salted water.

Also, trench aspirin bottle into drain plug can also prolong bloom. Or for a little plug on the bottle of cold tea, or some wine or beer pitcher on flower arranging. The alcohol in wine can sterilize and kill bacteria in the vase and added a number of other nutritional components of fresh flowers long. [Br]
Prevention for flower [ br]
spring is the season of blooming. It was at this point we just spray 1-3 times borto 1% solution into the front and back of tobacco can be for plant disease prevention. How to draw borto 1% solution prepared as follows: Take 1g sulfuric acid copper, pulverized blend into 50ml of hot water; taken to 1g quicklime, for a few drops of water to me, I finished re-integrate with 50ml water, sediment filter. Finally mix the two solutions together, if the first solution is blue. [Br]
Kill is in parterre

If in the tub flowers appear is, we can soak cigarette butts, tobacco in boiling water for 1-2 days, to arrive at the dark brown water, get water and then watering the flower petals, remaining diluted and irrigation in flower beds, is expected to beef gone.

How to handle fruit after peeling

The fruits like apples, pears sau Once peeled often turn to light brown, not aesthetics. If prepared a bowl of salted water after peeling fruit finish for immersion in salt water, then just make sure to keep fruit nutrition, ensuring the fruit is not intensive. [Br] [br ] how to keep fruit fresh longer

keep fresh by soaking solution of sodium carbonate (NaHCO3): I give citrus fruits soaked in a solution of sodium carbonate for 1 minute, then that fish out to dry, put the plastic bag sealed, as this may help to orange, tangerine juicy, sweet taste, fresh iron colored ball, and so long remained orange and tangerine taste of just picking bone. Or, scan the top stem lime. [Br]
· Cucumbers: Get a bowl of water, a little salt, light plugged into the stem melon melons flooding 1/3 degrees, cool place or cooling of the refrigerator compartment. Every day change the water once in mind, your assurance of fresh melon all week. [Br]
· Apples, bananas, mushrooms, pears: Will not turn brown if watered up a little lemon juice. [Br]
· Red: soak fruit in salted water for about 5 minutes (do not soak long as altering substances in the fruit). Use a soft cloth washed knob part because this is where the result of bacteria, fungi penetrate the destructive results, rot soon. Dry off and pack tightly in a plastic bag indeed and cool in the refrigerator compartment is about 150C. [Br]
· Watermelon: Soak the fruit in salt water solution with a concentration of 15 % in half an hour. Get the dried rind and membrane pocket polyethyene preserved in a cool place. [Br]
Preservation cake tet

after Picked banh chung cooked, you should rinse with clean water then pressed by heavy objects to more tightly cake lay low. Put the bread in a cool and well-ventilated. If after a few days back phenomenon rice cake (hard bread) you should be boiled, fried or steamed again. Soft bread will do so again. [Br]
The stew bovine blood like

buffalo meat, beef is processed into many delicious dishes, interesting. But when cooked, stew will take a lot of time, especially for the old animal meats.Here are a few tips to help you cook faster. [Br]
• evening before, massage into a steak to be cooked dry mustard seed powder (about 5,000 piles / gr). The next morning, before cooking, rinse. Beef is not only quick but also soft taste very good. [Br]
• When cooking beef, you can give a little wine or vinegar. For every 1 kg of meat, for about 2-3 tablespoons wine vinegar or 1-2 tablespoons. [Br]
• Prepare a bucket canvas bag, cooking, taking residue dried tea and pocket the meat cooked with. You will have a delicious pot of beef. [Br]
• You can drop a few pieces of meat into the pot small papaya. Acid substances contained in soft papaya immediately slaughtered. [Br]
Method reduce blood pressure through diet

- Tofu: Often eat tofu will decrease cholesterol, thereby reducing blood pressure effect.

- vegetables need: For the vegetables have a protective effect on blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and helps calm.

- Action west: regularly eat onions help reduce cholesterol, fight and make the artery blood pressure decreased.

- operation: effect reduced accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall. [br ]
- Seaweed: Help fight fatty deposits in artery walls.

- Lac: I lost in the vinegar soak for 1 week (get lost crust all pink), to add 1 at sugar, garlic and soy sauce. Daily drink in the morning and evening, usually after about 1-2 weeks to reduce blood pressure. If we take the tough nut 50-100, washed substitute for tea, hot soaks are also effective hypertension treatment very well. [Br]
- Vinegar: For people who have high blood pressure and hardening of the blood vessels , everyday can drink moderate amounts of vinegar 1 will help circulate blood vessels.

- hemp cloth: Every day flower spikes used three fabrics, mixed with boiling water as a tea drink, drink continuously for half month, cure high blood pressure very well.

- flakes of dried tea: Bring dried tea leaves take on a small canvas bag, enough to gut the buffer, not just the comfort to feel entitled, even more based long days will have the effect of reducing blood pressure and migraines.

How to retireDo

For severe intoxication, resulting in the poisoning should promptly taken to the hospital, while the other cases merely drunk can consult the following way: [br ]
- Eat tofu or soy foods are not only good for the body, there is one type of food is capable of great hangover.

- Get fresh orange peel boiled up, for add 1 salt crystal, for drinking drunk, drunk will help.

- Watermelon, tomatoes, apples, pears and other fruits is capable of diluting the concentration of alcohol in the blood, help excreted quickly, should also hangover effect.

- In the party, the hot soup, do not usually help fat people drink more alcohol to reduce alcohol concentration, because when eating hot soup alcohol will be excreted through sweat and urine.

- get two small pieces of bark camphor, washed, for about 1 minute into the mouth to chew spit out, or pour 100g camphor wood excellent drinking water is also effective hangover

- Vegetables need a handful of washed, pound and then squeezed juice, a little sugar to drink slowly. Vegetable juice should not only sober but also help people not get headaches drunken scum throw after the province. [Br]
- Leaves the line (used to wrap banh chung) 100-200 g, washed thoroughly, retired crushed juice squeezed oral phase.

- Tea buds 5 g, dried blueberries (blueberries or jam can be used fresh blueberries are) 16 g, finely shredded. Two secondary braking with boiling water to drink. [Br]
- Mix one cup of cassava flour with lemon juice to drink, the next moment will awake again. Kudzu also help the liver excrete participation

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