The classic scam encountered while traveling

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Từ 08/06/2016

ran if you suddenly crank by those who claimed to be police and report it when the authorities suddenly saw money in their accounts after a missed call. [br ]
trap at airport security gates

the situation might be when you have left all valuables (camera, phone, wallet) into the basket to step through the door scanner security checks at the airport, suddenly someone interrupted ahead of you. The person entering the alarm signal generator loudly and immediately the staff checked out this room. [Br]
You also so that is blocked while the furniture was run on the inside. It;s time to stand ready accomplices inside grab the entire value of your things. [Br]
Identification: As the thieves who sold out valuables. [Br]
It is common this condition: airport of the world.

solution: Once detected the loss of items, report it immediately to the airport staff for help.

how to avoid: You should keep valuable things inside people and money to go through the scanner when I walked through the door and prepare test.

the fake phone call [/ blue]

Midnight you were awakened by a phone call and callers claiming to be hotel receptionist. They say that the hotel computer was broken and need to apply for the credit card information of you. [Br]
Identification: The inmate telephone use illegal . [Br]
It is common this situation: Georgia, USA.

workaround: When detected fooled, you should immediately lock the account and notify the hotel of this case. In addition, you should also report to the police if it detects lost money in the account. [Br]
How to avoid: Make delay and desktop users immediately called the hotel reception staff, I was renting a room to check the information again.

Meet fake police [/ yellow]

a stranger suddenly approached and gave you something. Two seconds later, two uniformed police arrived and charged the other with the stranger you are storingillegal things, then ask you to present your passport and check for. That;s when you stolen money or things of value. [Br]
Identification: Usually 3 scammers, who pretend to approach you and two fake policemen. [Br]
where this condition occurs: Romania, Czech Republic and Italy.

workaround: do not give them anything, immediately fled from the area and to the nearest police station report it.

How to avoid: regularly check number, badges of police officers, called to the police station if you feel suspicious. Keep careful valuable items in person and running quickly. [Br]
Encounter commercial space [/ red]

Some scammers will try to do familiar, accessible, then your wrist a bracelet made of wire dish. Then, we require you to pay exorbitant prices that ring. When you refused and tried to return, scammers will scream loudly that you;ve shoplifting. [Br]
Identification: Those who sell arms and often choose subjects were women. [Br ]
it often happens this situation: Italy and France, especially in Montmartre.

solution: Run escape and reported to the local police.

the way avoid: Be careful with the natives suddenly too much for your cordial, avoid getting anything from them - things you do not need or do not want.

trap taxi

When you;re in the car, they often say that the broken-kilometer Units and seek ways to get your a lofty amount.

Identification: the rider taxi.

it often happens this situation: Airport, station.

solution with local police report in case you suspect you are being scammed. [br ]
How to avoid: Just go to the parking meter parts kilometer run well, investigate before you need to go the distance and its corresponding price to pay.

Traps children [ / red]

When you;re on the road, a woman suddenly pressed into your hand a bundle of blankets in which to wrap a baby. Soon, the gang;sshe would come and snatch your map. After they leave, you;ll realize you;re holding the baby in his arms just a doll. [Br]
Identification: A group of beggars. [Br]
It often happens status this: Italy, eastern European countries.

solution: Stay calm, do not panic and run right out of there.

How to avoid: Be careful with the group of beggars congregate, away from where they stood.

Go to the wrong hotel

the taxi driver will tell you that you;re the hotel to have closed, all rooms or nonexistent. Then he will try to introduce you to another hotel to come in, but you can not doubt that this place is very expensive prices. [Br]
Identification: Taxi driver. [Br]
where this condition occurs: India, Mexico, Romania.

workaround: When is transported to the new hotel in the words of the driver, you should check prices before. If in doubt, call the hotel back to the previous room you rented for inspection. [Br]
How to avoid: When booking the hotel, you should ask them to help prepare a taxi to pick up at airport seven. If drivers encounter such cases, you should change the car k

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