K-link "trap" customers of network marketing: Ads in heaven

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(Life Legal) - Vaessen business forms deceive customers multi-level companies have completely collapsed, no doubt, form trading trust still exists ...

After life and Legal notice posted strong series of moves peeled corporate fraud multilevel New One, a lot of readers have been calling the hotline phone number of press to denounce the JSC link knowledge (K-link company Vietnam, hereinafter referred to as K-link) was untrue ads on the product quality of this company, with the aim no one would ever want to have to spend time and money on useless products of this company as they are. Get information, journalists Life and Law were in the verification, learn. [Br]
When customers voiced

Accordingly, the recently, reports life Hotline and Legal constantly getting phone calls from around the product reflects the company;s K-Link no such effect has and is still advertising.

Anh Dung (Vinh Hung, Hanoi) was very urgent: do not know, I was enchanted potions certain how that buying three products for home use. until the doctor recommends, product no health effects, I brought back the equipment she Oanh, buying guides say harsh words. Just losing money to buy the product does not work meets attitude back side so I have to say everything to everybody vigilant .

[IMG alt = Bay business customers leather cap: Optical high heaven ] http://media2.ola88.com/images/72015/vinagame/22015072618140868.jpg [/ IMG] [/ center]

familiar Through the new relationship, Dung accidentally introduced to the the company;s workshop with a large K-Link participants. 2nd floor hall of this company at the Nguy Nhu Kon Tum 100 Street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi virtually no empty seats. After hearing the preaching of teacher named South, and who claimed to be a professor at the hospital 103, Hanoi, Dung was attracted to the quality;s mazepublications.

Is accompanied by advice like pouring honey into the ear of a member group includes Oanh, Hanh, Moon, Heart of the miraculous effects of K-Link products. For a long time, he has always been appreciated Dung belly to outperform should be introduced when just using the product from the abdomen 3-5 days will collapse immediately after the seminar he should Dung not hesitate to spend nearly 2 million to buy three boxes of products includes 1 bottle of K-Liquid chlorophyll ChlorophyII, 1 box-Aiulax K, 1 K-Biogreen box. In addition to belly slimming effect, these products are advertised to help avoid illness?! [Br]

[IMG alt = Bay Business customers da cap: Optical high heaven ] http://media.ola88.com/images/72015/vinagame/320150726181848.jpg [/ IMG] [/ center]

However, when bringing home used products and equipment you up project, he boldly asked the doctor and fall back to think you were deceived. More annoyed me, before you buy the product, sponsor members committed the product if still intact in their package will be paid within 30 days exchange for a fee of 10% of the purchase price. [Br]
However when he returned carrying two boxes Dung products Oanh stamp intact, she had to turn back attitude made him to speak up.

the same is the case of Mr. Dung, Hang (West Lake villa Hanoi) harsh condemnation for falsely advertising the actual effects of K-Link makes her not only that many other members of her family were pickpockets a blatant way in a multi-level - adding more preferential members.
and he Optics (Bac Ninh) asserted: many times to the company and participate in seminars and I saw the provinces about this product bought a lot. [ br]
I also babbles right at that moment and I do not care about other people;s advice. However, after six months of use, cost tens of million without seeing the actual effects, I found I needed to speak out to help others from getting scammed. [Br]

[IMG alt = Bay Business customers leather cap: Optical high heaven ] http: //media2.ola88.com/images/72015/vinagame/42015072618272211.jpg [/ IMG] [/ center]
Penetration Health Matrix

To the annoyance of public opinion , Reporter newspaper life and law sought to address the company K-Link above. According to Mr. Dung: Just to close the company and sitting area in the shop rough water only, team brokers willing to have guided, take you into the paradise health . [Br] [br ] indeed, when the company entered the PV had deliberately chose a modest seat in the corner to observe and operations. But no time to plan PV, one woman took the initiative to ask: Are you new to you? I want to buy something? Already a member yet? ... . When I could answer, she was pretending to understand, and turned to the woman sitting next Autumn name: The new sister. So is chicken was prepared in the barn (PV). [Br]

[IMG alt = K-link Bay Business customers leather cap: Optical high heaven ] http: //media2.ola88.com/images/72015/vinagame/22015072618393631.jpg[/IMG]

Thu well placed PV but many other questions with the original woman, she asked each question one and intently on each answer. What;s your name? Where Que? You;re the little freshman? Went do more work yet? ... . Just like that, she led PV to a motto: People do live life to earn money, while a member of K-Link 5-10 years just to earn money to live my life. [Br]
PV bewildered expression of the moment seems very stimulating members of K-Link shepherd . Thu Not only that some people are huddled in the distance gossip are approached and surrounded PV. She interrupted highly inspired Van Thu said: Product of the company K-Link is very diverse, rich, suitable for all types of customers from the elderly to young children, from new born babies to grow up to be useful to the elderly bedridden waited only about ancestors can also prolong life.

the effects of K-Link products is boundless, the K-Link market is 100%, never worry about hungryi is limited. Only in the company K-Link, the members do not lose any joining fee. As a member, it has many benefits and is entitled to sponsor other people, have a chance to make money from 40-50 million / per month, or even much higher, had the opportunity to go abroad for free normally cross .

to remove doubts of new PV, Mrs. Van cited a few examples. themselves she previously did salesperson for a company that specializes in kitchen appliances with a salary of nearly 20 million / month. But when another friend and entice sponsors, she has transformed into a company makes K-Link without apprehension. as such, I fully understand the rates her entry is now how, Mrs. Van said. in addition, a teacher who has ever lied Nghe an to go long-term treatment to quit teaching in schools, training classes K-Link in Hanoi. Now, the teachers have quit and completely switch to make K-Link in Nghe an with a monthly income combined with a year;s salary as a teacher (in the words of Mrs. Van insisted she this former teacher income amounts about 10 million / month-PV). [Br]
Just like that, the senior member of the K-Link PV invited to attend the seminar through a calendar month activities of the company and said: I only new to learn to listen so well, do not take a lot of information, and she also did not finish in a day, as this will dilute. Romance em on the next seminar.

[ center] [IMG alt = Bay business customers leather cap: Optical high heaven ] http://media.ola88.com/images/72015/vinagame/120150726183431.jpg [/ IMG] [/ center ]

Through research, knowledge, business-level form of K-Link were in Vietnam for seven years. Procedures for membership of the company is simple, just an identification card photocopies and two 3x4 photos as possible to sign a contract to certify members under the auspices of a more senior member. The company is headquartered in Malaysia, but not of their product sAn output from the search for scientific research in the world to live up exclusive distribution rights in the world. Currently in Vietnam, the company distributes more than 30 products. [Br]

[IMG alt = Bay Business customers leather cap: Advertising on troi ]http://media.ola88.com/images/72015/vinagame/san-pham-k-link20150726183037.jpg[/IMG]

[Br] So, after a lot of collapse because of cheating customers of companies trading under the multi-level model as MB24, Thien Ngoc Minh Uy ..., then this form of trading trust this still exists, even flourished in K-Link. Moreover, many products sold has not been tested for quality is a very dangerous trap for our customers. in addition to protecting themselves, not for the guys bad advantage, consumers are waiting to speak to the authorities are not caught up in matrix multi-level product sales. We will wait for the response from the company K-Link to urgent answers readers have trusted life and law reported in recent years.


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