His plea to save her husband had made multi-level marketing

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Stick ;charms;, leaving both her husband and children to go MLM

Since participation in multi-level marketing model of the Corporation Linking Knowledge K-Link (referred to as K-Link ), Ms. Hue as potions, spell hit, particularly sailing all day, left her husband and two young children who do not care rabies.

From gentle mother, wife make ...

the helpless because they can not recommend a wife, even after reading about multi-level series of Aloe posted on electronic media VNA, he immediately sent Born to mind a newspaper for help because according to his multi-level companies that are engaged his wife could not bring the dream to get rich, but his wife was mistaken.

I Born profession repair bicycles and motorbikes in a poor rural area in city ​​Uong Bi (Quang Ninh province), look he is still young, as long as about 30 years apart. A small man, thin gho, face always smiling but his eyes were flowing with buồn.

His plea to save her husband had made multi-level marketing [Br] General Agent of K-link in Quang Ninh [/ center]

Just meet us, he sadly said: Very bad My sister, from my wife involved in multi-level models the company;s K-Ling changed completely streak, going all month discernment, do not care about your husband anymore.

I Born and Ms. Hue (his wife) was married to now 5 years, the couple gentleness capital, suffered hard, other farmers should be loved. Although the couple he was young but also on the type of income affluent poor countryside. Siblings had just enough money to build a new house is quite big, pretty decent. [Br]
brothers and sisters also have children together are 2 acne. Older girls 5 years old this year, and small boys, was 7 months old, still crave a little breast milk. [Br]
Ms Hue Capital intermediate accounting school in Quang Ninh, tall, good-looking. Streak gentle, modest and hard again so she is much loved. Do not get a job somewhere, so she opened a shop selling cosmetics and grocery at home. [Br]
So speak up shop cleverly expensive sister hotel, also 3 per month income - 4 million mapng. In addition, her husband Hui women also in the store car wash, monthly income should also nearly 5-6 million. [Br]
The work not only brings trafficking decent income, but she also has time time to take your husband, child care and care for the family.

According to Born, she who was resourceful Hui did the housework is very attentive, from the shuttle eldest daughter to go to school, to caring little boy, and then work hand homes are a sister do.

married 5 years, always clean homes decent, tasty rice, fresh soup every day also. Thanks to her, he Students also have time to focus for the work and earn a decent enough funds to build a new house. [Br]
I Born said, bicycle repair shop, car his machine though young, but very reputable. Shop near the market so from 6 am until nightfall still out on crowded, less day he earns a few hundred thousand, there are many days when the whole million. [Br]
I fix cars a voice here too, people have asked me around here correcting, he Born breeze.

... Go to despise her husband, wearing the

then the calm life of the couple brothers and sisters throughout the past 5 years has altered since she left the store followed Hue MLM school.

I told Born, about 1 month ago, she was a cousin Hue working capital cement companies in attendance drooping and multi-level sales streak she changed completely.

the first day, she quietly away without saying anything to her husband, he asked where to go, she certain also did not say. Much later he learned his wife Sinh school;s multi-level marketing company K-Link. [Br]
At first, she took only half day, half a day to go home to breastfeed. But later, she went discernment always from morning to night, the older one is left to his care Born, while the child is sent to her grandmother. [Br]
The Birth House, he must take care of all, so sloppy, sloppy, dirty clothes sometimes substituted a week without washing, very unpleasant odor.

learned Each week she took in Uong Bi 2 sessions and 2 sessions in Mao Khe, the days school groups remaining. Generally each titlen At most, they have 1-2 non-school days.

From school days, Ms. Hui also said urchin shape than before, like to dress nice, rouge lipstick. Even, there was also flattering to phone her husband to buy beautiful, kind touch to work more easily. [Br]
Both my wife this month to go to the market does not know what is, a delicious meal for her husband and children no. Full buy food or eat instant noodles available. Evening the day before school, my wife usually take the boy to the grandmother and sleep are always there, he said Born. [Br]
with our conversation was interrupted because of the wife;s phone brother. Listen via the phone, said his wife did not go to the market because of money. Do not run out of money because her husband did not like to ask. [Br]
Just hang up the phone, he born again sadly: My wife told me it calls home had nothing to eat, do not go to the market because of money. I have never not give money to my wife where nothing is it the excuse. Constant schooling, why then, when grocery shopping? . [Br]
Then the phone key for us to see photo 7 month old boy, he Sinh continued: In the past my home boy quite plump , but now thin porous go, both arms are swollen because of insect bites. My wife then apparently did not see mercy or stars, there are times when I still had the feeling she did not want to have this second guy to go to school in comfort . [Br]
According to Born, the oldest date Ms Hue MLM school, his hands are a caregiver. To eat, or eat at the grandparents or grandparents. The meals at home, the only food available whole or noodles. [Br]
keys pictures of dinner with 2 dish is vegetable soup and noodles stir-fried vegetables for us to see, he Sinh said: That last night my wife to cook it. This month no delicious meals at all. [Br]
Because his car repair shop near the market Born, so normally you have to open the shop from 6 am and from 6-8 am is the period busiest time. Typically, only the morning before, he had earned 300000-400000 contract. But this month, by the eldest daughter to take to school, so he opened shop 8 hours. And so, income morning to about 100,000. [Br] [Br] Even without understanding the business-level, but heard many people say that is the model of teaching people how to cheat, so he has repeatedly admonished Born wife should not be involved anymore. [Br] [br ] Each time, he only received the answer angry, dissatisfied wife: you do not understand me. Kids go to school is a new open-minded, are estimated enrichment and enrichment quickly. 1 -2 years, I will buy cars . [Br]
Not only that, she took also cites one very successful entrepreneur sister of K-Link, but initially joining tissue Figure also objectionable. Even her husband got home longer pursue, to sleep in the hallway, ignoring the rain and wind. And she said that this sector who do not understand just said so and said that her husband;s lack of knowledge. [Br]
The multi-level people seemed to teach people all the situations or what he . Even husbands about their objections have to plan well then, he Birth share. [Br]
According to Sinh, from the date of attendance, Ms. Hue always proved to be ;best and contempt husband to face. One time she asked her husband: Do you know why people die sooner? Because the specific yore eat right, eat more foods that contain acid, but now the whole foods contain more acid. [Br]
When he asked her students deeper, alkaline and acid is what? Hummed, she does not answer. [Br]
To dissuade his wife, there are times for suppression, he harshly Born trot, she immediately Hui said: For me a career and family to a new balance meaning. If the business does not have the life does not mean anything . [Br]
Then she mad, leaving their native home all week. When his healing message, she just coldly: Well my wife and so on, as long as good for children . [Br]
Ms Hue capital also is a wise sage lady, honest, not nonsense never know, but recently there was a small boy crying, she immediately became angry and cursing, Your mother.

I exhort all the words, but she was not listening, hours I was about to lose his wife, family, opaque green, I do not know how to understand my wife again, he grimaced Born.

Anh Sinh said, with her first cousin of former friends very rich, booked 5-6 years had the floor, a car, but only because of the multi-level work and clean property loss, to go live tha.

I do not know the company;s multi-level my wife is not fraud, but wish you to notice in the early awakened my wife, he biopsy tha

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