The note for the beginning player phượt new journey

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Whether you are a longtime phượt player, or a child who is preparing for the first cruise experience, to have a safe trip and meaning, you also need to note the following.

triangle circuit flower Festival will be held in Ha Giang from 12/11, urged more people to travel backpack. There are many ways you can up to his fantasy land. You can take the tour through the tour company, or in a way a lot of people choose this time is going by motorbike phượt. [Br]
Maintenance vehicle before going [/ b ]

You;ll have to scroll through many winding mountain pass roads, mountain road full of rocks and potholes more bumping. Moving vehicles are motorcycles. So the car maintenance is the first note, and very necessary. You should carry some essential items such as screwdrivers, wrench, pliers ...

Fill the fuel tank

Besides bad roads, the less gas stations along the way is also a noteworthy problem. The out of gas along the way is that no one wants. You should fill-in every gas station, to avoid falling into a state of dilemma when the car driving to the road. [Br]
Only carry essential items [br ]
If you think going phượt like normal travel, a suitcase stuffed with clothes and shoes, then think again. Go phượt a backpacking experience. You should only carry the essential items for individuals, and tied to the motorcycle for safety while driving, avoid loss. [Br]
Understanding local culture

Ha Giang is a mountainous province with many ethnic minorities. Each nation has its different cultural practices. Enter country depending continue , and anyway we are strangers. Learn the culture of ethnic minorities, local before you arrive. Partly to enrich his cultural capital, in part to avoid causing bad things, lack of courtesy when you go there. [Br]
Note weather

mountains where the weather is quite erratic. Many days the temperature is low, thick fog. Sixeach rain-prone mountain avalanche situation. The drive on a steep mountain passes, in a state of dense fog or heavy rain difficult than what you can imagine, if not go much phượt. To secure for themselves and a companion, take a look at the weather before each trip. In case of rain or dense fog, remember to always move slowly and turn the right turn signal. [Br]

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Photo: Quang Dung. [/ i] [/ center]
Do not take big groups
This is absolutely to be avoided. Causing mass difficult to manage the team move on the move. Ensuring safety on the steep mountain roads much more difficult. Also, groups of citizens are most likely also happen that dissent, cause internal disunity, accompanied by well-action shock hazard. [Br]
Choosing a guide reliable head

A fleet safety phượt usually in 4-6 car limit. The leader must be experienced, familiar roads and able leadership, the ability to handle the situation well. The team has phượt safe journey and happy or not depends very much on how the leader;s guidance. So, before you go to learn about the leader. If there are less experienced and have a reputation in the community, you need to consider whether the trip or not. [Br]
Do not drive at night
[ br] wherever, driving at night is very dangerous, where even more dangerous mountain passes because there are so many large trucks, small crabs road. These vehicles are often bright headlights. [Br]
Do not go more than 200 kilometers per day

The majority of the young people in Hanoi often choose to go on the 5th and on Sunday rushed to the 2nd morning commute. In order to ensure that journey, you often drive all day long. This situation not only causes muscle fatigue, eyestrain and mental health but also will be tired, affect the safety of traffic participants. Because of thế you need to review your journey and do not join the team travels more than 200 kilometers in a day.

Precautions deceived

A question phượt story that many players tell each other that is the case you TA (Hanoi) has the same group to Ha Giang phượt 2013. car tires punctured after driving the car a considerable distance meet TA luck two young men claiming to be working car repair, car repair help. [Br] Then, TA continues to move but not up to Ha Giang, the police are required to stop for inspection, and was shocked when discovered under his car is a white powder package. Two other youths have repeatedly abusing the cars of young inexperienced to transport drugs trot. [Br] After 3 months in custody for investigation on charges of drug trafficking , TA also proved his innocence, but lost the job. TA had a profound lesson after this. [Br]

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Photo: [/ i] [/ center]
also robbery along the way, you should also stay alert for deception along the way , avoid regrettable situation.
Whether traveling in any form, you should also pay attention promote safety for yourself. [Br]
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