Uses of Evil Chicken for elderly health

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In older people, the body changes in the digestive system, blood sugar, heart, ... due to several reasons such as the decline in calcium absorption, reduced brain cells due to the aging process will lead to the syndrome of dementia, cardiovascular diseases caused by high cholesterol ... so choose appropriate foods for a problem that many people headaches.

people often say eat the first is sleep, not eating or sleeping more worried of losing money, the daily life of this seemingly simple but with adults, the back extremely difficult. Due to changes in the body alter the absorption of nutrients so older people need a health care regime meets nutrients, so you have a good choice of food that is appropriate? today Ola88;ll show you an extremely good foods nhé!

Uses of Evil Chicken for elderly health [/ Center]

the evil of their Chicken hemorrhoids, scientific name Gallus gallus domesticus Brisson;s, also known as core millet box, box type chicken millet ... is small, tamed and adopted Street. Characteristics of the evil breed is not silky white plumage but the whole skin, eyes, flesh, and bones are black legs, legs with 5 fingers. [Br]
The traditional nutrition, taste sweet evil chickens, calculated average; which uses carefully, beneficial blood, nourish yin thermal degradation, often used to treat diseases damage the downside, soft target (diabetes), go left for a long time due to damaged spleen, prolonged dysentery, anorexia, gas damaged, di fine, works fine, hot smoldering bones, cold sweating, irregular menstruation ... the cervical medical uses are recorded and remedies concerning enrichment evil chicken with interpretations very special.

modern Nutrition that evil little chicken but very rich lipid protid and about 18 amino acids, vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, N12, E, PP ) and trace elements (K, Na, Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn, Cu ...).

a study by nutritionists showed evil chicken fatigue prevention, increase capacityendurance of the body in the absence of oxygen, improve immune function, improve the operational capacity of retinal endothelial system and ability to fight diseases of the body.

some chicken dish medicine from evil:

1. Stewed chicken, salmon, regular consumption [/ i]

Chicken 1 child, ginseng 10g, 10g sub feedback, regularly spend 6g. Chicken clean, for the herbs together with a little alcohol, sugar, oil, fish, spices into the chicken tied, add water, a water tunnel, eat when hungry. For the patients with abdominal pain, bloating, fatigue. [Br]
2. Stewed chicken cardamom, turmeric, pepper, citrus peel [/ i]

Chicken 1 child, 2 fruit cardamom, turmeric powder 3g, 6g pepper, tangerine peel 3g, add onion, vinegar, water fish and appropriate amount of water, digestion, eating when hungry. For the case of depression, indigestion bloating. [Br]
3. Steamed chicken imperial period [/ i]

Chicken 1 child, Prince 60g period. Chicken clean, steamer entered the imperial period, add ginger, onion, salt, spices, simmer for 3 hours. For the case of the stomach sa, sa kidney, rectal prolapse, prolapse, menstrual irregularities đều.

Uses of Evil Chicken for elderly health [/ Center]

4. Cock cellar [/ i]

bad chicken drum 1 cleaned, cooked wine to cellar. For nephrotic cases, tinnitus dizziness. [Br]
5. Ginseng chicken stew rules [/ i]

Chicken sausage 1 child, ginseng, or regulations, are 15g each, salt to taste. Stewed ripe. Eaten in a few times. For patients vomiting food, eat vomit; Hepatitis; women after abortion, postpartum.

6. Chicken stew lis [/ i]

Chicken 1 child, white rice 100g and 30g lis. Chicken intestinal cleansing away, for lis stitched into the chicken, add the rice, water and spices. Stewed, eat. For the debilitating wasting cases, postpartum blood damage. [Br]
7. Beans stewed chicken sub XIC [/ i]

Chicken 1 child, primary chain 30g bean, cardamom 3g. Chicken clean, all the pot; boil after the fire to boil to simmer for ripe, eat several times divided. For the caseNursing Minimum face and limbs edema.

8. Five spices stewed chicken [/ i]

Chicken 1 child, biogeochemical 15g, 15g or regulation, transparency thược 10g, 8g cross frame, add half a cup of wine poured, stewed. Eaten in days. Curing anemia. [Br]
With the above uses, hope you find your family a delicious finger and complementary balance

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