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The fruits lemon tree helps whiten the top ranked. Uses of lemon whitening can be tolerated by both oral and external use. [Br]
For light skin quickly, be persistent use 1 cup fresh lemon juice every day. Additionally, you can also change the taste of a lemon milk smoothie, simply leave the lemon in shell, sliced ​​and pureed in the machine along with 200ml of milk and 1 teaspoon of honey. Regularly once a day will help regenerate skin, long-term impact to maintain a fresh appearance. [Br]

Papaya contains a special enzymes have the ability to stimulate the regeneration of skin, making skin smooth and youthful. One papaya contains most of the vitamins skin benefits such as vitamins A, E and C. Eat ripe papaya every day to help you stretch the skin smooth and white rose appreciably. Or you can add a little milk to the papaya smoothie recipe has a delicious medium skin beautiful. [Br]

only half a grapefruit with your give your body needs vitamin C 78% daily. It is known as a storehouse of vitamin C is beneficial for skin health. Much grapefruit peel oil, old folk also uses a lot of water for bathing, shampooing or decoction ...

Let;s promote the beautification of grapefruit effect by drinking, such as grapefruit juice honey. Beauty experts believe that drinking grapefruit juice honey in three months will help you significantly change the skin condition. You;ll see the utility of its whitening more effective than using cosmetics. [Br]
Cosmetics can only make temporary skin pigment fades, the effect is relatively limited. While grapefruit can cut off the roots of melanin, whitening and more sustainable long-term. [Br]

11 fruit intake is ... white

scientists have studied, kiwi fruit contains vitamin C is much higher than other fruits. Kiwi contains large amounts of acid can inhibit identitykeratinocyte factor and very effectively removes pigment spots on the skin. So is useful kiwi whitening very effective. [Br]
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[ br] in addition, the kiwi also has a very significant impact in regenerating skin cells and improve dry, oily skin.

Wire west

Strawberry west contains tartaric acid can vary, vitamins and minerals, not only improves skin elasticity, but also for the good results in the bleaching and to moisture. Strawberries help smooth the skin and prevent skin melanin. In addition, strawberries are rich in vitamin A and potassium, have healthy hair. A glass of strawberry juice before going to sleep helps relax the nerves, supportive treatment of insomnia. [Br]

Tomatoes are foods rich in nutrients, enhance the body;s resistance, especially vitamin A in tomatoes is very high. Average 100g fresh ripe tomatoes will meet 13% of the daily requirement of vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C.

In addition to the vitamin, tomatoes are rich in micronutrients such as calcium, iron , potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, nickel, cobalt, iodine, organic acids form of citrate, malate ... and especially lycopene. Watermelon, guava, papaya and red grapefruit also contain lycopene, but with a very small amount; therefore, when it comes to lycopene, tomatoes thought to, and vice versa. Lycopene helps improve skin darken under the influence of sunlight up to 40%. [Br]
From several experiments, the researchers found that this type of food is potentially effective sunscreen. You should eat cooked tomatoes better eating raw tomatoes. [Br]

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[ br] the most effective of the grape is the grape seed. In super quality grape seed antioxidants, containing more than 59 times the amount of vitamin E compared to the rest of the grapes. With grape seed, you can delay skin aging, preventing the penetration of ultraviolet rays on the skin. As a result, grape seed oil is typedi is skin vitamin . In addition, grape seed contains a special ingredient called anthocyanin. According to experts, anthocyanin has a good effect in skin whitening. [Br]

cherry is a nutritious fruit rich in carotene, iron and vitamin C. Studies show that vitamin C is not just to moisten and white skin, but also controls the formation of melanin in the skin.

at the same time, tartaric acid content of cherry-operation up to the formation of the stratum corneum, plays an important role in nourishing the blood and extra careful. Eating 200 - 300g cherry before meals can improve the function of the intestines and stomach, so it is especially beneficial for patients with gastrointestinal disorders. [Br]
Apples [/ b ]

Apples are a natural product for beautiful skin and is often used in diets for detoxification, slimming, reduces liver fat ...

Apples contain protein 0.3 , 0.4% fat, 0.9% fiber, minerals and water significantly, so that keeps skin moist. Vitamin C and other minerals contained in apples helps to bruising on the skin, making the skin more toned white, waste contributes toxins we absorb daily accidentally. [Br]
[b ] Cucumber

Cucumber Cucumber beauty fruit is familiar to you, not only is the white light effect when the facial mask, if eaten regularly climbing Trick will have can help eliminate wrinkles, whiten skin in a natural way, remove freckles, bruises and sunburn, reduce irritation.

cucumber is a fruit beauty familiar to you, not only is the white light effect when the facial mask, if eaten regularly climbing Trick will be able to help remove wrinkles, whiten skin in a natural way, remove freckles , bruises and sunburn, reduce irritation.

green secret

In zucchini contains more zinc and magnesium to help promote the development and growth of skin cells makes you look more rosy and white skin

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