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Without vitamin C, you will not have collagen makes the skin elastic. Too little vitamin A or essential fats, your skin dry and rough. Zinc deficiency also makes the skin rough and wrinkled. [Br]
So forget about plastic surgery. If you eat a food selectively beneficial to your health, you will have a beautiful skin naturally. [Br]
1. Reconstructed skin

Vitamin A is a leading vitamin to improve skin and prevent aging. It is a powerful agent remove dead cells and make the skin more youthful. [Br] This vitamin comes from two forms: retinol found in meat, fish, eggs and dairy products; beta-carotene, found in fruits red, orange, yellow and green vegetables.
Apricots, carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin are abundant sources of beta-corotene.

2. Tension and lighten the skin

Fish is not only a source of abundant antioxidants, it also contains high-quality protein to help repair cells and provide essential fatty acids (EFA) - substances that bring healthy cell membranes. [Br] EFA hold water, so the stronger they are, the more you stretch the skin and shiny. [Br] Fish also contains antioxidant compounds called DMAE. This chemical stimulates nerve function and muscle contraction and skin tightening. It is a great weapon to bring beautiful skin, keeping your face toned and neat. [Br] For a bright skin, cold-water fish such as salmon, mackerel or tuna, 3 times / week. Firmers can eat walnuts, flaxseed oil, soybean oil, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. [Br] Flaxseed oil can also treat skin conditions such as eczema. [Br]
3. Remove wrinkles

Maybe the biggest enemy of your skin is free radicals, which is caused by ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution and stress. It leads to the inflammation of the skin, reduced elasticity, creating wrinkles. But nature has created some smart food that, if eaten regularly to be effective anti-wrinkle weapon. [Br] Let;s start with apricots and tomatoes, rich in lycopene, which helps protect against the sun . To prevent aging up, eat a bowl of berries every day,a glass of red wine or a fresh pot of tea.
A compound destroys free radicals is pycnogenol also reduces the inflammation caused by sun brings. Pycnogenol in grapes, blueberries Vietnamese male tree, blackcurrant, green tea, black tea, blueberries Vietnamese plant, raspberry, strawberry, black fruits series, red wine and red reform. [Br] In addition, the combination between vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione and CoQ10 also helps to destroy free radicals.
vitamin E is found in vegetable oils, nuts, green leafy vegetables, and vitamin C in citrus fruits, the fruit berries and green leafy vegetables. CoQ10 also asparagus glutathione rich in seafood, spinach and nuts. [Br]
The foods rich in other antioxidants include prunes, fresh plums, peppers, beets, parsley , figs, raisins and legumes.
also do not forget the spices, herbs, help boost the antioxidants in the body. Additional cinnamon into your cappuccino, tea made from fresh mint or ginger, grilled meat with herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme leaves and curry. [Br]
[ b] 4. Clear acne hyperpigmentation

The exposed to the sun;s rays and eat a lot of sugar is the cause of acne, melasma. To remove, do not you just wear sunscreen, which eat the selenium-rich foods such as garlic, wine seeds, sesame seeds. [Br] Zinc is a natural compound also bring beauty to the skin. Foods rich in zinc include oysters, ginger, lamb, nuts and seeds wine uveal. [Br]
5. Smoothing

olive oil has fatty acid content of oleic acid, an anti-inflammatory effect. Oleic acid is a member of the family omega 9. It can make a difference in the skin like a piece of old leather shoes with a rose petal. [Br] To have smooth skin, eating about 2 tablespoons olive oil per day. Avocado also contains oleic acid, and vitamin C, E.
Let;s toast tomato clamp, combined with green tea cup - a nice meal perfect skin. For as baby skin, avoid dehydrating drinks such as alcohol and caffeine. In summer drink soda, it will be less dehydrated hThanks wine and champagne. Also water is also effective. [Br]
6. Reduce swelling

The capillary is the path to your skin cells. If they are weak or inefficient activities, your skin cells will not have enough oxygen and nutrients they need. It will lead to poor secretion, skin swelling, edema, pasty and premature aging. [Br] The quality of citrus bioflavonoids can protect capillaries, as well as support the production of collagen makes the skin above foul. So next time come refreshments, select include pink grapefruit smoothie cup, orange and lemon. [Br] | See more at:

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