Magical weight loss methods with water-in cane

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Many women do not know that, sugarcane juice is the panacea to help women lose weight not only effective but also safe fast. [Br]
thought that, sugarcane juice will be engraved crystal coolness of her always worried about weight gain. By many she still thinks, with huge sugar containing drinks, the cane would cause rapid weight gain. So many women have to stay away from this type of beverage. However, the following simple absolute way, you are no longer afraid of causing weight gain cane juice rather, sugarcane juice helps Compact and slim waist ownership. [Br]
To lose weight effectively with sugarcane juice you need to prepare the ingredients as follows: Approximately 1.5 liters of sugarcane juice, sweet peppers Dalat 4 eggs, 1 lemon, 1 liter water, 2 teaspoons salt trắng.

Magical weight loss methods with water-in cane [/ Center]

Then, you follow these steps:

Rinse bell pepper, finely chopped and put into a blender. Filter out the pulp and chili peppers just use the water. Continue peppers with water mixes with water in proportion 1: 2 to obtain a mixture. [Br]
After the mixture of peppers mixed with sugarcane juice continues at the rate of 1: 1 and squeezed lemon juice of 1 results in and dissolved. Store in the refrigerator and used instead of drinking water for 3 days. [Br]
However, every day, before breakfast, mix a teaspoon of white salt in 0.5 liters of water and drink before you eat breakfast . Diluted salt water will help the body purge effect quả.

Magical weight loss methods with water-in cane


For those with excess fat perennial February adopted a course with weight loss methods will help you bring the desired effect. [/ Center] [/ i]

Applying the method to lose weight and sisters with sugarcane juice will remove excess fat fast food Selectg apply in only 3 days. If she was fat longtime e should apply this method every month, 2 times a month without dieting and exercise regime applies stringent kh

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