3 antipyretic soup is simple and easy to do

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Mung bean porridge

The use of green peas
Green beans contain amino acids good for the stomach and spleen, which produce antibodies effective immunity, help anti-inflammatory, antidotal, antipyretic effective.

bean Porridge xanh

3 antipyretic soup is simple and easy to do

3 antipyretic soup is simple and easy to do [Br] [/ center]
Ingredients cooked mung bean porridge
- 30 g green beans, whole grain

- 200 ml watermelon juice
[ br] - 20 g white sugar

the green bean porridge

green beans soaked 2-3 hours before cooking, will cook faster. Watermelon peeled hard, into a blender for grinding and sieving to remove the juice. [Br]
green beans and cook with watermelon juice, boil on low heat. Cook green beans until cooked, then add sugar, boil and then north to the kitchen and serve immediately. [Br]
porridge dish with effective antipyretic effects. First day should eat 2 times for 3 to 4 days. [Br]

chicken porridge

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the use of chicken soup

is all antidote chicken porridge feel, antipyretic familiar folk, particularly suitable for treating sore throat, runny nose in adults and children. Hi chickens have anti-inflammatory effects, sputum, easy to eat warm taste, the feel, antipyretic good. [Br]

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raw chicken porridge
- half a chicken

- 1 cup rice [ br]
- 50 g of fresh lotus seeds

- Onion

How to cook chicken soup

chicken cooked, picked up and shredded meat, bones continue to get water into the pot and security. For rice and lotus seeds cooked in chicken broth into soup, tasting spices to taste, porridge almost nine, then for chicken and green onions and cook for a further 10 minutes together. [Br]
Ladle soup into bowls, add green onions and serve immediately when the surface is hot, in 2-3 days.

perilla egg porridge

Effect perilla leaf

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spicy shiso leaves, warm, air-lowering effect, sputum, cough, fever , shortness of breath and chest tightness. In addition to survival can eat porridge used to reduce fever. [Br]

[IMG] http://media.ola88.com/a/82016/42/2016080912470875.png [/ IMG] [br ] egg porridge perilla [/ center]

raw egg porridge perilla
- fresh shiso leaves

- 6-12 g onions purple
[ br] - 4-10 g ginger

- 1 egg

- 30-80 g of rice

The egg porridge perilla [/ b ]

buy perilla leaves washed, chopped, minced ginger, onion crushed. For rice into the soup pot. [Br]
Wait while porridge cooked, add 1 egg yolk into the soup, whipped up to tan or not, depending on whim. For shiso, ginger and onion and cook together, tasting spices. [Br]
porridge cooked, then serve immediately while hot to sweat, sweat towel for sick people out of the wind and the cold, eat 3 meals a day for 1-2 days.

How to make egg porridge perilla

do not forget refrigerated foods antipyretic effect to offline use when needed. Share recipes antipyretic dishes, the other left us in the comment box below nh

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