Enchanted forest beautiful fireflies in Japan

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Fireflies appear only on for a short time in the summer in Japan. Low light, their broken and professionalism of the photographer has created beautiful pictures surreal . [Br]
summer, many people choose to go to the beach, others are up to the mountain forests camp. However, an ideal choice for photographers in Japan is to find signs of summer - the fireflies. They only from 19h to 21h appearance on days from mid-June to early August 7.

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Every summer, this magical creatures to turn the forests of Japan became super nice stage to present performances of his light and magic attractive partner. [Br]

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Early summer evenings are the time great base for many photographers prepare the beautiful moments hunt for fireflies flickering. [Br]

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You have good skills in hiding and looking as professional photographers are capturing excellent images. [Br]

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As the sparkle from the firefly very weak and often interrupted, the photographer must use exposure techniques with cameras to capture pins. [Br]
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The fruits of patience and this feat is the beautiful photos to surreal , forcing the viewer hardly believe my eyes. [Br]

Fireflies live only about 10 days, they are very sensitive. We will react negatively with any light source or other pollution, so find out where they live is successful half hunting moments. [Br]


Enchanted forest beautiful fireflies in Japan

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The Japanese word hotaru-gari means catch fireflies. However, it;s not literally catch them but simply enjoy performances light of fireflies in the night. [Br]

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Fireflies appear in places less wind, gently flowing water source, and humid environments. [Br]

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many fireflies time of the day is 20h - 21h. Want watched fireflies easier, you can not bring the lights, no headlights or flash cars of the type of camera servers

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