The signature dish at Dien Bien

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The ethnic cuisine prepared in Dien Bien very picky, especially the art of using the unique spices northwestern mountains.

glutinous sticky rice Hilly, buffalo meat is smoked or flowers original signature dishes when arriving lands historic Dien Bien Phu.

1. Sticky rice slash [/ blue]

comes to Dien Bien, people think of sticky glutinous upland stretch with round beads and soft. How to map quite elaborate sweet rice cultivation, glutinous rice must be soaked for several hours while the new map is not distant mist. Sticky rice in the timber must be special map of the nation, nine steam, rather sticky soft, supple through fragrant new map twice. After the first map, people spilled out and spread out evenly wand, for a while after poking your back and continue on until the distant map would have. [Br]

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today, upland rice, fried up and served with shrimp paste bring appealing taste. [/ i] [/ center]
also sticky rice, to produce vivid colors to give away, people still take the forest trees to create red, purple, yellow makes becoming steamed sticky rice dish lead. Wash hands flung handfuls, leisurely enjoying the classes end flexible aromatic flavor of this type away.

2. Meat smoked buffalo
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hang kitchen buffalo meat is a typical dish of ethnic minorities in Dien Bien. To make delicious buffalo meat, one must be careful to filter out tendons, music silver purified, then cut into slices long grain and seasoned with spices mixture including lemon grass, ginger, garlic, chopped chilies, questionsKhen pound and then to about 2-3 hours, then took brochettes and drying on charcoal, so far from the slowly cooked meat, cooked evenly. The dried meat until just cooked so as not to lose the sweetness of the meat. When eating, people tend to appeal again to go poking around 30 minutes. Flowing sweetness of buffalo meat in the charming of spices make up the attraction for highland specialties. [Br]
3. Pa pinh (grilled fish) [/ blue]

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With a deft blend and combination of unique spices, grilled fish dish Northwest flavor. To make grilled fish, people use fish like carp, drift, sesame carp, more than 1 kg was operated along the back, then wash and drain the water, rub a little salt into the fish roasted to add bold. Compositions include marinated getting compliments and fresh chilli crushed, fresh onions, basil, cilantro and chopped ... stuffing mix into the belly of the fish. Then the fish is doubled, use a bamboo splint splint on charcoal grilled fish.

Once golden fish, the fish should be removed intact, not broken, flavor spices inside, eating sweet smell of fish fatty, spicy peppers, questions of merit, green onions, herbs of meat and fish skin yellow look very attractive.

4. Mang bitter [/ blue]

is bitter Asparagus produce and is very popular dish of the Phone Bien. with bitter bamboo shoots, it can be processed into a variety of dishes such as fried attractive, boiled, baked, stewed bones. simple dishes especially bitter bamboo shoots with occipital diagonal dots (unique sauce in typical Thai ) makes many people fascinated.

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For many people on Electric Bien likes baking dish bitter bamboo shoots because it is still to keep the bitter, acrid. Unlike other kinds of fresh shoots should be brined processing to remove all bitterness, the bitterness good at Dien Bien Cement is bitter unforgettable. [Br]
5. Vegetable ban [/ blue]

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Guests to Dien Bien in March will see the original color of white flooded, scarlet, purple balconies. The Thais here often use flowers and leaves of the small board for processing into serving dishes for everyday meals, such as fried pork ban forest flowers, the flowers mannequin galangal root, the flowers ... The food sesame salad are delicious and easy to eat, tastes in each dish is also very different, bring a special flavor.

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