Delicious dish of Hanoi, Hanoi Quan Ngon 88 can not be ignored (Part 2)

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[Red] 3. Dong Xuan Market area, which is surrounded by the city: Hang Dau - Tran Nhat Duat - Thanh Ha - Eastern Bridge - Dong Xuan [/ red]
- Bun Fish Lane Hong Phuc, near Hang Dau boots: restaurant at the beginning lane, selling all day, affordable 30k / noodle bowl-style fish and Haiphong. Be chopped into pieces carp, fried crisp, remove to bowl bun with fried fish - mackerel fried thin kind that period, fragrant dill. When fish eat noodles, so for me a little water to dish more attractive. Go to this restaurant you can call fish head dishes to sit sip. [Br] - Gam Cau Long grill: grilled dishes here are more like long, stomach, colon, neck jar of beef ... the ingredients are soaked honey before baking should taste different from the other sidewalk grills. These dishes are marked with a red sauce diluted attractive. [Br] - chicken noodle soup mix: fork Cao Thang - Nguyen Thien Thuat, opening up new sale to 1-2 hours in the morning. [Br] - Jellyfish : in the fall zone Nguyen Thien Thuat street mẹt multiple rows jellyfish.
- Bun oc 23 Hang Khoai mixed, slightly more expensive price 50k / bowl, strange in that you can eat duck eggs.
- Bun banana snail parking: Dong Xuan market lane. In addition to this dish also has numerous lane other dishes that are sure you will see when entering the blackouts such as bean vermicelli, bun crab soup, crab and snails, bread pillows, donuts ... But the problem seems wrong toilet too.
- Pho wine sauce: 49 Tran Nhat Duat, Tran Nhat Duat 78 30k / bowl.
- domain bridges, 30k / bowl.
- Rice Paper mixing 45 Hang Dau
[ br] 4. Gate area, which is surrounded by the city: Hang Chieu - Tran Nhat Duat - Luong Ngoc Quyen - Hang Ngang - Hang Duong. [/ Red]

- vermicilli 23 Nguyen Sieu
- cold noodle buildings, a half rolls, donuts balls: O Quan Chuong
- fried noodle fried 10 Nguyen Sieu.
- rice with roasted chicken island: 62 Dao Duy Tu, 35k / productivity.
- shop Mexican food Tacos 54 Dao Duy Tu.
- Beef roast 47 Ma may: a lot of shops on this street, there are many other dishes, not just baked goods.
- Bread rolls: Dao Duy Tu near the top O Quan Chuong, only semi afternoon, around 5pm there was the day before.
- the US remains candid: Hang Chieu, fork withNguyen Thien Thuat Street, past his time here still believe that the best wheat in the pasta shop wontons. You can select wheat pasta with shrimp or shrimp do not. [Br] - Bread kebabs: 127 Goods Sails, 25k / cake with 2 skewers, selling evening. [Br] - beef 13 Goods Shoes
- Bird turned Prosperity: 13 Ta Hien, the restaurant is in the city walking area so you can send the car outside and walk on. Shop is now expanding into 2 houses, very polite seat should tell the group you go east do not have to worry about sitting on the sidewalk. The most delicious dishes in the hotel restaurant which suggests that many bird spinning and steak dishes. [Br] - Bread pan 1 Ta Hien, 25k / productivity with pate, eggs, meat, sausages, open from 6 am to 4 pm .
- bean vermicelli shrimp paste: No. 4 Brick Lane. Brick Lane has many shops evening barbeque, steak. [Br] - No. 7 Hang Bun main building. [Br] - bean vermicelli shrimp paste: alley Phat Loc, besides beans eaten there many choices such as: fried nuggets, boiled meat, spring rolls ...
- vermicilli alley Phat Loc: near Ha Tien family, sold from 5-10h morning.
- Bun cha she alley Phat Loc Thuy part noon, beginning salary Ngoc Quyen.
- tea lemon, jackfruit yogurt, teas: Cho Gao Street and Dao Duy Tu, a lot of shops, there are now many small dishes served with which you can try a few dishes each time.
- the Door Café: 11 main categories
- Shot Café: 60 Ngo Phat Loc
- Cafe 39 Ta Hien.
- Pho Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen in the evening as the center of the bar beer, lemon tea, fried nem chua sidewalk ... is the young and foreign guests love. Also here there are bars, pubs operate from dusk until late night as Fat Cat (Ta), Funky B (No. 2 Ta Hien), Rockstore (61 Ma May), Prague Pub (38 Luong Ngoc Quyen ), FactoryBar (47 Hang Buom), Mao;s Red (No. 7 Nicholas Hiện).

Xôi Yen - 35 Nguyen Huu Huan, selling all day [/ i] [/ center]

5. The area near Hoan Kiem Lake, is surrounded by the city: Hang Bac - Hang Tre - Wooden Bridge - Hang Dao. [/ red]

- chicken noodle frequencyDinh Liet
- Snails boiled Dinh Liet: the proximal Hang Bac, from 15h to 19h and sell only the buildings, no food included else. - This restaurant is located next to the Vietnamese restaurant cakes, delicious, variety. [Br] - Donner Kebab Silver Item No. 2: this is where the first sale of this item in Hanoi. [Br] - Chicken fried with salt: 14 Hang Thung. Quan affordable style, cool, fast service, with dishes such as chicken legs, chicken wings, fried chicken cartilage salt, spice marinated tasty and delicious. There are also dishes such as congee porridge heart, oval porridge at the end. [Br] - Many dishes on Jiayu area - Cau market in the morning and afternoon tối.

Bun Ba Duc Thang [/ i] [/ center]
- Bun thang Ba Duc, Cau chi48 address. This is a small restaurant but my personal assessment scales serving noodle dishes with ingredients and taste very standard. Quan serves quick, relatively cheap price 30-50k / bowl. There are very tasty dish sausage foundation to sit sip. [Br] - Pho Cuong 13 Hang Muoi: sell morning, pho here cost about 30-40k / dishes, tasty broth, but if you eat late, the water will slightly salty. Quẩy served with delicious pho pretty much whatever you but I still call more spin. [Br] - Xôi Yen 35 Nguyen Huu Huan: the most famous bars away in Hanoi, which is currently expanding greatly, entire buildings 3 stories but always crowded. Buyers brought the morning, lunch and dinner also crowded building road cars, but served very quickly, no guest complained of having to wait for long because the restaurant has a large staff. I saw fried chicken with mushroom dishes slanted away especially delicious than others. [Br] - Bun Cau imitation tortoise 57: 6 am to 10 am
- Yogurt sticky 8B Hang Tre
- Tea milk 14 Jiayu
- Cake drifting vessel, mixed tea intersection Hang Bac - Dinh Liet - Ta.
- Cafe Lecture: 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, especially coffee cafe dish of eggs, one of 10 items delicious coffee in the world.
- Countless cafés along Nguyen Huu Huan: Forest Cafe, Cafe Energy ...

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