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sour shrimp and grilled fish Ba, Na Ri vermicelli, forest banana, pork upstairs kitchen, cake Peng ferries, vegetables can earnestly say that these delicacies mountainous Bac Kan own. [ br]
sour Shrimp Three Bể

Bac 1 _ remember forever [/ Center]
In Ba, people often eat sour shrimp or pork leg meat only three disks boiled together sour star fruit, green banana, nail shrine ... Between the poetic nature scenes, sipping the cup sour shrimp spicy corn little wine, visitors will have the soothing feeling of intoxication, poignant bitter taste of meat fat, feel part garlic spicy chili and galangal aroma ...

the dish is pretty much sold in Bo Lu village, Pac Ngoi ... also shrimp, shrimp or small fish types caught fresh in the lake, eat not all, people also salt into the bottle, to eat slowly.

Banana seeds forest [/ blue]
banana Ba sold diamonds in the uplink multiple ponds Tien, the area from the entrance to welcome guests into the lake ... For grown on the mountains around the lake so close bananas rising, full and round fruit that looks very attractive, beautiful landscaping re just used to make medicines and gifts.

pork guard bếp

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Unlike some other people, people living around the lake Ba Tay often give up meat crates or baskets in the forest and then hang up the kitchen. Smoke from wood stoves daily hun yellow to dark meat. [Br]
Meat hanging so for the whole year without fail. Today, though not hoard meat hanging upstairs kitchen for food to take home, but in the Tay at the lake still has a few, used the occasion to welcome the distinguished guests, holidays and other important dates. [Br]
Cake Peng phạ

Bac 1 _ remember forever [/ Center]
Pha Peng cake usually appear during the Tay people celebrate New Year;s Ba or down at the same festival. Shaped cake nothing special, staffround cake longan fruit size.

Outside the white powder layer covering the inner layer of brown powder. Pha Peng cake is one of the traditional dishes of Tay ethnic group to give heaven and earth. [Br]
Peng cake mixing variables are not picky, but tasty. The main material to make bread is kneading dough is sticky rice with chronic-phase special tea to get brown and sour, a little white wine for flavor. [Br]
Sewing humiliation

Bac 1 _ remember forever [/ Center]
Sewing humiliation is special dishes with bold ethnic people of Bac Kan. Sewn meticulously made flesh, sweet potato, taro is selected Bac Kan, the inner lumen textured purple potatoes. Pork is delicious bacon, boiled, used toothpicks packaging carefully cut, marinated spices and bring spin, just turning yellow inclination for packaging honey. Fried potatoes must also gold. Everything was put in a bowl, on a piece of potato, a piece of meat, for people are made of meat, mushrooms, wood ears ... had fried steamed up on a water bath for about 5 hours. When finished to finished products is very beautiful disc. Sewing items humiliation as fussy but very delicious to eat up the Bac Kan People usually spend on special occasions such as holidays, weddings, and into a new home. [Br]
willingness Vegetables (vegetables shrinkage rừng)

Bac 1 _ remember forever [/ Center]
Unlike other vegetables grown just a day or two that were picking leaves, vegetables willingness from planting to picking leaves after the first time have at least 3-5 years, and after 10 years to be harvested in large quantities.

Leaf vegetable soup willingness to meat or fish. the taste of this vegetable is very tasty, just a few stalks is enough to have can cook a delicious soup for 4 people an.Theo experience, willingness to cook vegetable soup empty, a little seasoning salt, slowly chewing each small leaf, enjoy a deep, thoroughly sweet, its fleshy hard to describe itnew feel special flavor of vegetables intently. These vegetables to Germany for dragon dragon beams. This type can be delicious soup and more are sauteed with beef. [Br]
too bright oval, to like too viscous, dark yellow when ripe, eat tastes sweet like honey flowing. Counties peeled too bright after bringing security to the bone delicious, sweet, fleshy. [Br]
Xôi Dam Đeng

Bac 1 _ remember forever [/ Center]
this very unique dish away as glutinous rice cooked from upland and all colors of sticky not create pastel that in the grassy flavor. People take a few leaves of marble and other types of leaves to boil, the water quality, glutinous rice soaked in a few hours and then carry on the timber. Rice soaked in hot water to the old, the new sticky when cooked plasticity. [Br]
Deng Xôi Dam has a distinct aroma of herbs, not be confused with any other kind of sticky. Shiny sticky particles but not wet, the cold particle will back away but still soft, supple and fragrant. [Br]
Sticky rice is usually eaten with Deng Dam sesame salt or shrimp paste to taste each one. Mountain people eat away the notion that this will bring a lot of luck and good. [Br]
If you have a chance to Bac Kan on holidays enjoy dishes away, Deng Dam to enjoy flavor of the mountains here.

Eastern Na Rì

Bac 1 _ remember forever [/ Center]
Myanmar dong is famous specialty of Na Ri, Bac Kan, was crafted from the arrowroot tubers grown in Ang Toong Pass at an altitude of over 1,000 meters. Sorghum fibers made from the skillful hands of the people here should remain inherent natural colors. Vermicelli strands of yellow or opaque, chewy and crispy for long fibers are not corrupted, this is also the characteristic that many people love this rustic dishes. [Br]
natural fibers colored vermicelli due do not use chemicals, fiber sorghum cooking flavored chewy, crunchy and aromatic arrowroot. From vermicelli canmany processed food delicacies and easy.

Mang vầu

Bac 1 _ remember forever [/ Center]
Bac Kan Forest there are many types of bamboo, such as bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, but if say tomorrow ... not to mention secondary specialty bamboo cane , also known as bitter bamboo shoots . Based on the experience of those who went shoots, early in the new cane bamboo shoots sprout also interspersed taste slightly sweet taste slightly bitter, but after February lunar calendar, turn to bitterness the shoots more intense. [Br ]
In Bac Kan, one can process a lot of delicious bamboo shoots, but perhaps more intriguing is boiled bamboo shoots lemon pepper shrimp paste dots. The gourmet eat bamboo shoots, choose boiled bamboo shoots as this bitter truth feel all the fun of this dish. The feeling bitter, acrid keep losing when chewing, instead of feeling faintly sweet, slightly spicy light, very strange. [Br]
Rau dớn

Bac 1 _ remember forever [/ Center]
Rau applicant is a plant belonging to the family decided, like ferns, long stems with small leaves, the leaves are green smooth, hairless petioles. In Bac Kan, vegetable sponge rock often grows in the high mountains, where the source of the rivers, streams and normally grows in the stream, the banks of the slot, where high humidity. [Br]
Serve delicious vegetables especially after the spring flood season to the end. Young leaves bend diplazium esculentum as heliotrope, resin viscosity. Usually just picking tops fellow young curved, leaf buds to eat. [Br]
Bo declaration Rau (vegetable stomach hiến)

Bac 1 _ remember forever [/ Center]
Rau bồ declaration (declaration cows) usually grows on the mountains cliff tops vegetables like mistletoe, clinging to the body to take up large trees get the clear pick of light and outdoor air. flame tops vegetable seed melon flavor at first glance, but slimmer and young green sprout new leaves, branches meters. Around the spring, Bo started out lush flowering tops. peoplein the region are accustomed to go two sets of open season. On this occasion, in all the markets where highland vegetables are sold bồ public. [Br]
Portuguese declaration brought about not processing much fussy, just picked clean, fragrant garlic on the stove then pour into the fried vegetables to the fire that has an attractive dish. Bo declaration is also used as noodles, fried noodles or fried mixed with beef. Bo declaration vegetables have a unique flavor, could not find a similarity in any other flavors. [Br]
smoked ribs Greece khói

Bac 1 _ remember forever [/ Center]
Bac Kan, sour shrimp, grilled fish Ba, Na Ri vermicelli, forest banana, pork upstairs kitchen, cake Peng ferries, vegetables willingness

Greek ribs are made from meat pork meat and aromatic version should make. Unique points of Bac Kan sausages marinated with ginger is stone, a type of ginger grows only ethnic rock should have a very special fragrance, unlike the plains of spices. [Br]
sausages are handmade from Bac Kan sunny uplands of smell, the smell of smoke kitchen, with hints of ginger, liqueur, honey concerns, particularly aromatic. Greatness of heart, the sweetness of the lean, the fat of the fat blend together, eat delicious. Click to add a little more wine, the more quiche. [Br]
Three Grilled Fish Bể

Bac 1 _ remember forever [/ Center]
Fish in Ba has many, often people fishing craft, the number of individuals is not much but the quality is excellent for white meat, firm and sweet taste. It chose fish as small as your thumb, just like the fish gobies, just like a brace on downstream fish to grilled fish. [Br]
There;s nothing like sitting lakeside pleasure Three Swimming, sipping a grilled fish plate dotted with a few drinks chili corn. Fish taste aromatic, fleshy meat and chewy. Spicy corn alcohol but still tastes sweet spot stalk tongue here somewhere. Along scenic Ba, elves and uplifting than any cwired high retention trays else.

Cake ngải

Bac 1 _ remember forever [/ Center]
Each nation invented the cake with different flavors, but only one type of bread that is new Tay sage bread. Sage green cake characteristic of nature, shapes and how closely resembles thick cake of the plains. [Br]
For fragrant cake, sticky plastic princess must choose and not even by county Rice. Sage bread cake is very easy to eat, cool and not sick, if anyone ever eat once will not forget the taste of this kind of rustic bread. You pungent, aromatic fragrant sage leaf is strange as the plasticizer tolerance, the sticky sweet, sugar, slice of the small fresh upland hills, the forest leaf wild. [Br]
[blue ]Jam mận

Bac 1 _ remember forever [/ Center]
dish plum jam people in Bac Kan is considered a specialty. Because it has its own unique flavor and very attractive. Almost Bac Kan people are bringing food to go far to make gifts plum jam and product introduction of their homeland. [Br]
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