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Road travel between villages, new carpet spread straw style tinted quiet, peaceful place with each step through, inhaling the odor of straw beloved homeland. [Br]
I between the village of late harvest, the undulating legs stretched stubble in the field. Perhaps growing up in the countryside, away from the straw wear skinny legs, the gold dishes about every crop straw, inhaling the odor of the smoke spread dimensional realm Countryside Council that I just love the smell of smoke at the same dimensional star. White smoke stack every vague, shy table gently rising from the ground, the way to heaven. Between past vast fields reap heard peacefully, serene and poetic know how. There are times on trips to a distant region, my gaze was hold each smoke alone by immense intervals on the field, mixing a little white, yellow stubble remaining, lonely little black rocks undulating , cloudless sky and clouds romantic adventure. Blending authentic paintings, vibrant, sweet. [Br]
Straw gentleness, tenderness overflows from the yard spread out lane, xênh Gas on village streets. As straw is inspiring sunny, sunny hong crossbows for pounding crunchy, sweet on her body. Now in the city, looking anywhere but test different gold Straw says that as a child, and in what year. The kids gathered roll, chase lease agreement but not fear falling, fear of pain. What worries that it sá than innocent fun when we know there is a kind of straw to support and cajole as rural mothers always cared deeply attached to the child. [Br]
We buried her in the straw , listening to the wind fragrant incense internal copper also entangled where no hurry screw melt. We climbed the high haystack, rolling from top to enjoy. With the game of hide and seek, the ridge is the ideal hiding place. Bright yellow moonlit nights, mellow head on straw, watching the drifting clouds, cloud quiz each other to guess what form, what child, evolving like. Only from things around him so simple, cloudy sky and trees river, yellow straw laden nitrite old enough that the child full of joy, happiness.

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spread their straw in sunny, dry crispy aromatic bend laugh. With a solid pillar in the middle, Dad started building straw around. Soon formed tall stack, above the rain covered windshield. Straw injured farmer to the end of the breath at his incarnation in flames, kindled Heat insulation new rice cooker, pot boiled potatoes, roasted cloves tangle novice kids this afternoon, crackling hour wait dinner. Mother pulled straw fire, relieved smile, satisfied. The higher stack large enough to complete the seasonal mean, not fear missing the food, cooking the rainy days. Cattle are ruminant deliberately disengaged in the barn as though unsure northeast wind herded about, there was a yellow straw barns warm enough. [Br]
Dan burgeoning chicks find food under my feet where the straw scattered, surviving a couple of grain. Gentle mother hen clucking frantically calling from the giddy run flood. Quẩy his lazy cat sunny courtyard, playing catch yellow straw not know tired arm. She added little mushroom vo round ebony, hitting pots bubble clean a few minutes ago was black smoke covered. Also just a little straw, she gently rolled lightly lift the pot off the stove ears hot. Suddenly see, everywhere around you also have the presence of straw, close, useful and practical. [Br]
The child followed the father to burn stubble. Fire from one end, the fire began to spread through the field the sharp run. Kids hustle gaze smoke stream. The other was a future stem with his will turned the mud, rain poured down that incubation temperature incubation for each pre-coated onto the green. [Br]
Street market can give me a picture, screen movie meal straw stubble littered widescreen. But I can only go back to the domain straw nostalgic flutter through the afternoon breeze. Kites over chiu rushed to the winds as tiny hands, feet tripping busy running filling straw stalk. Through the smoke smell crept vague contract from the suburbs into the city. Through filled with warm nostalgia. I keep dreaming about memories of the season slightly flavor straw, Oldtimer ...

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