Life-changing travel experiences through 9

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Admire the aurora in Finland, immersed in the music festival in Rio Carnival street or floating junk Halong Bay is the experience can change your outlook to life. [ br]
1. At sea by sailing in Vietnam [/ blue]

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Sitting on a boat, listening to the wind of weapons or surf around the island floating on the blue waters of Ha Long Bay to the magnificent caves, you will feel immediately integrate with nature. Then you can relax on the hammock with beer, enjoy the fresh seafood right here. [Br]
2. Watching auroras in Finland [/ blue]

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Finland is not only known to the most luxurious sauna world that is also known for the halo of colorful aurora north. Not always auroral rays are present. You have to prepare the necessary things like snowmobiles, hot water, hood ... and stays in the glass igloo to wait dreamy rays appear. [Br]
3. American road trip itinerary [/ blue]

myself driving around the country on the path of endless and hear songs of Don McLean;s American Pie unforgettable experience was when they came to land base flags. On that journey, you can go through the abandoned land or growing town full of potatoes, squash and peanuts ... People here always celebrated as if they are the football star. You can also walk around Mount Rushmore, or Niagara Falls. [Br]
4. Mixing with rock music festival in Berlin, Germany [/ blue]

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biggest rock music festival taking place in the world to honor Berlin English rock legend David Bowie for the great contribution in music của Germany. Come to the festival, you can have fun dancing and enjoy the night party. [Br]
5. Discover the ancient city of Petra on horseback [/ blue]

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This is a beautiful city and very peaceful with impressive sunsets in Jordan. You should ride around the city of Petra to see the carved stone wall in full color, bright red sand dunes or enjoy the sunset. [Br]
6. Trekking through the jungle Peruvian Amazon, Peru [/ blue]

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Men under the misty forests to avoid paying jaguars, monkeys or lazy herds of South America. When boating on the river, just tap the boat bay if you want watch the pink dolphins, gray kick up on the water or explore the artificial models of turtles hatching. [Br]
[ blue] 7. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt [/ blue]

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Located on the shores of the Red sea, Sharm El Sheikh is considered a green paradise with many fun activities such as scuba diving to admire the colorful fish, ride quad, personal watercraft, swing on the horizon balloon or ride a camel. You will enjoy the lively dance in the evening right at Naama or traditional dishes of the Bedouin in the desert. [Br]
8. Train ride in Bangkok, Thailand [/ blue]

cheap train tickets are the best choice when you want to take the train to discover the land of golden pagodas. The trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai city charm help you feel the taste of Thai cuisine lives on the train to the indigenous people living along the road. [Br]
9. Street music festival in the Carnival, Brazil [/ blue]

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program is monumental and fascinating, street music festival always attracts millions of visitors lịch each year. If you want to change your own life, you should join the dancers on the street parade and dance the Samba. These brilliant costume dance with the impression will help you forget the stress, fatigue. [Br]

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