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Old Quarter of Hanoi is a walk in the early days of this winter;s interesting, the feeling is as people sit coffee capital of West Lake and down the line of people watching easy making more romantic hearts. Whisper to his neighbor, I envy people in Hanoi since it is too much incentive earth. [Br]
Before the trip I made up a list of points will come in the day in the capital capital ... I want to learn about fish cakes. He said at the Hanoi fried fish and more, even if all kinds of food at restaurants on the street La Vong also had no taste as before ... Despite I still eagerly seeking to learn more about the area rolls Ca La Vong is.

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And what first amuses me is the sign his picture La Vong - Jiang Ziya fishing sitting bunch knees more than two centuries remains even entrance to the restaurant on the old town. Chat with doctor Ngo Thi Tinh daughters of families Union has more than 93 years old this year about the history of the dish Cha Ca La Vong I have more material wealth. [Br]

ago France nearly 200 years from the time the landlord in this house Doan Xuan Phuc tools, Packaging Thi Van particular his wife had conceived Tham revolutionary insurgents. The couple have specific talents Phuc cooking, usually raw fish dishes, fried fish whenever Deals victorious insurgents. Many days passed, in order to secure a place to gather for the main insurgent army Doan Xuan Phuc particular thought blinded by the French authorities by opening this shop that sells fried fish. Fried fish delicacies are more preferred, handed down throughout the neighborhood to the ...

Afterwards the way specific network Doan Xuan Phuc being exposed, the French have beheaded ... Fishing Tools Union about their families sacrifice for the greater significance is praised in the old Quarter of Hanoi every time. To commemorate Doan Xuan Phuc specific people by name city named La Vong restaurant. Cha Ca La Vong name was circulated around the old quarter of Hanoi from then until now. [Br]
On La Vong city now has many only change only house La Vong is less cthe impact of applying various times from the signs, the restaurant;s entrance, wooden staircase, to the altar of the ancestors ... still the same.

Doctor Ngo Thi Tinh recalled the old days made fish cakes use only whole fish family tomb, because the steering meat pastries, fragrant, lean little bones. Today this species became rare and should be replaced with catfish, snakehead, fish industry, fried fish ... this beef fish, light fish should eat less tasty lentils. [Br]
Fish Cleaning meat portion only, cut knuckles size 2, marinated with galangal, fresh, pepper, fish sauce and indispensable a little shrimp paste. The secret is in the smell of the shrimp sauce, shrimp paste will make unforgettable taste of Cha Ca La Vong. Marinate the fish for about 2 hours or longer possible, then the new fish soaked spices. Fish in bamboo gripping clamp before clamping to spread a layer of fatty fish to help stuck. Fish grilled on charcoal, flip back to the fish are browned hand, to really cool new open clamp bamboo fish poured into the bowl to separate ...

When I was sitting at the table La Vong restaurant staff new cordage fish into fat (including chicken fat, fish oil, lard). Her daughters Bich Loc The physician share more secrets of the family heirloom is only used fat for frying fish, by the boiling temperature of the grease and oil higher, and also richer flavor. Eating fried fish to delicious new hot and not fishy. Fried fish served with vegetables such as spring onion dill, common embedded into the oil pan for undercooked, add some noodles, cilantro, basil, roasted peanuts ...

New look fried fish plate I crave to enjoy, grab a fishcakes into bowl, add vegetables, vermicelli, peanuts, shrimp sauce prepared little lemon juice, pepper, wine, hot fat, sugar, beat heavy-handed for resurfacing. Fatty fish fleshy sweet, fragrant blends of herbs where the tongue easily make people eat mashed remember. [Br]
Add again I feel about who they truly Hanoi in fussy about eating well like really knows how to enjoy the cuisine. These days in the capital city I loved more by not re-converge where culinary elite in each family as much as in the old Hanoi. [Br]
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