100 years ago people like Hanoi

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[Yellow] Through the lens of Leon Busy, a French army lieutenant, Hanoi in the 20th century, while the population is rich, the poor turn coat lacks even food shortages. [/ Yellow]

[IMG alt = 100 years ago Ha said how ] http://media2.ola88.com/images/72015/giai-tri-viet/12015072100552958 .jpg [/ IMG] [/ center]

in 1909, Albert Kahn, a French banker, carry out an ambitious plan to build color imagery archive for the peoples of the world great. Leon Busy, lieutenant French military logistics, assigned photographed in Vietnam. From 1914 to 1917, more than 1,700 Busy captured image. About 60 of his photos are on display in the exhibition in Hanoi colors. Shown is a girl who is baptized betel. [Br]

[IMG alt = 100 years ago Ha said how ] http://media.ola88.com/images/72015/giai sensibility-viet / 220150721005552.jpg [/ IMG]
quite favorably Leon Busy young woman in the picture is the mirror, she has appeared in 16 of his color photographs. [/ center]

[IMG alt = 100 years ago Ha said how ] http://media2.ola88.com/images/72015/giai-tri-viet/32015072100560939.jpg [/ IMG] [/ center]

In each image, highlight the class differences through costumes, furniture. Rich people wore silk Leopard build, indoor furniture is exquisite mosaic. [Br]

[IMG alt = 100 years ago Ha said how ] http: // media. ola88.com/images/72015/giai-tri-viet/420150721005628.jpg[/IMG]
A rich man preparing to smoke. [/ center]

[IMG alt = 100 years ago Ha said how ] http://media2.ola88.com/images/72015/giai-tri-viet/52015072100564342.jpg [/ IMG]
clothes and sandals of a psychic there is a clear distinction with the costumes of the elite class. [/ center]

[IMG alt = 100 years ago Ha said how ] http: // media.ola88.com/images/72015/giai-tri-viet/620150721005659.jpg[/IMG]
Four mother blind beggar sitting next to fence of pineapple thorn please compassionBuddhists to the temple. [/ center]

[IMG alt = 100 years ago Ha said how ] http://media2.ola88.com/images/72015/giai- tri-viet / 72015072100572268.jpg [/ IMG]
the beggar was fragile leprosy in the archives of the road sitting places. [/ center]

[IMG alt = 100 men Ha before you say how ] http://media.ola88.com/images/72015/giai-tri-viet/820150721005738.jpg [/ IMG] [/ center]
Leon Busy shooting also many trades artists such as Hang Trong paintings. [Br]

[IMG alt = 100 years ago Ha said how ] http://media2.ola88.com/images/72015/giai-tri-viet/92015072100575453.jpg [/ IMG]
He dressed in the brown furniture, white pants, towel grinding sheaves had insisted on helping students. [/ center]

[IMG alt = 100 years ago Ha place like What ] http://media.ola88.com/images/72015/giai-tri-viet/020150721005813.jpg [/ IMG] [/ center]
The merchants, civilians casual dress, shirt the towel neatly problem. From time immemorial, people have a habit of Hanoi eat though very simple shop. Government projection on the ground as seats, tables made of bamboo, covered mẹt foods. [Br]

[IMG alt = 100 years ago Ha said how ] http : //media2.ola88.com/images/72015/giai-tri-viet/112015072100582798.jpg [/ IMG]
The stand sells fruit in front of Ngoc Son temple. [/ center]

[IMG alt = 100 years ago Ha said how ] http://media2.ola88.com/images/72015/giai-tri-viet/122015072100590070.jpg [/ IMG]
Occupation turn the old cotton is made in the open. Period of poor people, profession refresh thriving cotton blankets. [/ Cente

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