DIY fertilizers from the kitchen junk

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That;s eggshells, coffee grounds and banana peels not only provide sufficient nutrients to help plants grow from the roots Comprehensive leaves to flowers but also pursue some harmful animals such as snails, plus help the micro beneficial soil organisms develop

shell eggs

the shell egg wash over pan roasted dried or after-lives. Smashed egg shells mixed into the soil to improve drainage and add calcium supplements. Harmful snails walking on eggshells when mixed as you land on a beach barefoot the entire piece of glass, so when mixed into the soil, crush eggshells can also damage resistant tree species. [Br]
Calcium or calcium (called Ca) in the eggshell

Plants absorb calcium in the form of Ca + 2. According to documents, the act stimulates Ca roots grow, forming compounds help make cell membranes, making the tree becomes more rugged. Ca increases the activity some men, neutralize organic acids in the plant. So with fruit, making fruit Ca fertilizer higher sugar, more sweet. Legumes such as peanuts, soybeans, beans ... then Canada is a very important nutrient. By lack of Ca beans or nuts falling away will not ample. So farmers have a saying: No phosphorus, calcium not only planted the beans, is that

coffee grounds

coffee grounds are used as synthetic fertilizers, improved THEN drainage capabilities. When biodegradable coffee grounds for the nitrogen is good for the development of the foliage. [Br]
coffee grounds used does not affect the pH of the soil. Coffee grounds not only produce but also help mulch beneficial worms (worm) development

banana bark:

banana bark chopped small mixed with soil is a great way to improve your garden soil. Banana peel can help brackish microorganisms in soil development, organic matter creates calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphate, potassium and sodium, all of which help the plants grow well and flower and fruit development. Many forums commissions around the world have seen a banana skin is the most appropriate fertilizer for the flowers
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