30 best advice after 4 years of traveling the world

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Has been 4 years since I sold all that he had, leaving the United States to explore the vast world around him. In this process, I have accumulated a lot of useful tips. [Br] It all started from when I left Miami to Guatemala City on a one-way flight, a bit worried when leaving everything behind , bring many things unclear begin the journey this world adventure. It was a wild ride, and I;ve learned so many things from the first trip. To celebrate 4 years "travelversary " her, I;ve decided to share the best travel tips and my most useful to inspire you, help you more advantages in your travels yourself.

1. It is important to be patient
Do not sweat for things beyond your control. Life is too short to be angry or upset. Miss a bus trip? Do not worry, there will be another trip happen soon! ATM out of money? Great! Can go a different path behind schedule and find an ATM while others can discover such a new town. Things like this sometimes happens. [Br] The need to do is breathe a deep breath and remind yourself that things could be worse even than this body. [Br]
2. Get up early
Dawn is the best time to avoid the crowds encountered. That was wonderful time for pictures by soft diffused light, and often easier to interact with the locals. Everything is less dangerous than in the morning. Honest hardworking people get up early; decoy, fraud, crime, were sleeping.

30 best advice after 4 years of traveling the world
Let laughs [/ center] [/ i]

3. Laughs
You sure will many times like a fool when first traveling to new places. Instead of shame, just smile. Do not hesitate, do not turn city life too seriously. [Br] A bus filled with passengerswas forced to stop urgently so that I can pee on the side of the road. Returning to the car and laughing with them has brought me new friends for the rest of the journey. [Br]
4. Tucked away a little money
Cash is king in the world. To cover in case of an emergency, make sure you have hidden some money in several different locations. I advise you to hide at least a few hundred dollars. If you lose your wallet, your card stops working, or the ATM out of money, you will be glad you did. [Br] Some of my favorite hiding money including socks, under the soles of shoes, toilet bags, backpacks around, even behind a patch sewn into your pocket.

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Meet the locals [/ i] [/ center]

5. Meet the locals
Let;s chat with the locals. Basic English is widely used throughout the world, so it;s easy to communicate with them than you think, especially when you combine hand gestures and body language. [Br] Learn states in which you are coming from people who live there. They will enrich your trip rather than the introduction of the sites. [Br]
6. Bring a towel
A simple piece of cotton cloth is one of the most useful accessories in my travels to many different practical applications. It;s great to protect your face from sun light bending, wrapping the small stuff around, making eye masks, and many more uses. [Br] I can not tell you have a towel handy how much times around the world.

30 best advice after 4 years of traveling the world [/ center]
[center ] Observing everyday life [/ i] [/ center]

7. Observe the daily life
If you really want to get the feel for the life of somewhere, I recommend that you spend a few hours sitting in a park or on a busy street corner just to see lifehappens here everyday like.

Let;s slow down your thinking and attention to the details around. The taste, the color, the interaction between people, sound ... It;s a kind of meditation - and you will see things that you previously never seen. [Br]
[b ]8. Backup everything
my laptop stolen in Panama, including the most important documents and photos of me. Keep both digital copies of physical and passports, visas, driver;s license, birth certificate, health insurance card, serial number, and telephone number is very important in an emergency.

you can backup files and your photos on an external hard drive or online with software like Backblaze.

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Let;s shoot multiple images [/ center] [/ i]

9. Take multiple photos
You can only admire the beautiful view and met these people once in a lifetime. Please keep them forever in pictures. Do not worry about what you look like a "traveler ". Nobody cares. The new photos are the last memories. [Br] No cost whatsoever, easy to share with others, and do not take up space in your luggage. Just remember that once you;ve taken the picture like that then go away and look at the lens. [Br]
10. Always have a solution
Nothing is impossible. If you;re having trouble going anywhere or doing something, do not give up. You just have not found the best solution to meet the right person or not only. Do not listen to others say that it can not be done. [Br] Perseverance pays off. I can not tell you how many times I did it that I can not, just to prove it wrong after I do not listen to the advice and try again. [Br]

[IMG] http://media.ola88.com/a/82016/50/2016080307564928.png [/ IMG]
Let;s laugh and say Hello [/ i] [/ center]

[ b] 11. Smile and say Hello
You have problemsinteracting with the locals? Everyone seemed unfriendly? Maybe it;s because your body language is not good. One of the best travel advice is to use my eyes and smile when you walk through them. If they smile back, please say hello to them in the local language. This is a quick way to get acquainted with new friends. [Br] You can not expect everyone to walk around with a silly grin on their faces. That;s your job. Usually all you have to start from, and they will open the way to touch things. [Br]
12. Sometimes, spend a little wild
I;m a big fan of cheap travel, because it allows you to travel longer and experience more about the appeal of the world. Do not waste the things you do not need. In fact, you can travel many places with 50 dollars a day without any problems. [Br]
your shoelaces Fiber old after a while. It is good (and healthy) to show that you have traveled many places and this is an opportunity to buy a new pair of shoes. Let rest for a few days in a nice hotel, eat in a fancy restaurant, or spend a wild night on the town trấn.

30 best advice after 4 years of traveling the world
Giữ an open mind [/ i] [/ center]

13. Keep an open mind
Do not judge the lives of others if it is different from your life. Listening to all the comments that you disagree. That;s the opinion of your assertion is correct and others are wrong. Be empathetic and put yourself in the shoes of others. [Br]
Embrace the possibilities, opportunities, people, propose and different interests. Ask questions. You do not need to agree, but you might be surprised by what you learn. [Br]
14. Try CouchSurfing
(CouchSurfing is a word play on words related to the move from house to house (surf - just surfing and surf the internet) and slept on any space, hand flat nào from the floor to the sofa (couch) or even the stables, on rooftops or camping outside the garden.)
Couchsurfing.org is a large online community sharing traveler;s availability free them with strangers. If you really want to experience a country and its people, it is with some of the locals is the fastest way. [Br]
There are millions couchsurfers in the world ready to welcome you and provide free advice is fun and phi.That too safe. Expensive hotels are not the only option, there are many kinds of selection accommodation cheap travel more. [Br]

[IMG] http: // media. ola88.com/a/82016/50/2016080308150053.png[/IMG]
Some do volunteer [/ i] [/ center]

15. Some do volunteer
Let;s spend a little of your time to volunteer for projects worth while traveling. This is not really a very rewarding experience, but you will often learn more about the country and people while volunteering with new friends. [Br]
There;s a great site called Grassroots volunteering , where you can search for volunteer opportunities around the world.

16. Bring earplugs
This really will stand No. 1 in my list. It will help you get rid of the baby crying, dogs barking, sirens, known sellers, and more. It was the best friend of a traveler. [Br]

30 best advice after 4 years of traveling the world
Do not fear [/ i] [/ center]

17. Do not be scared
The world is almost not dangerous as the media has said. Please pay attention to the situation, but do not let that small become the focus of the entire trip. Most people are very friendly, trustworthy, generous, and willing to help you. [Br]
18. Walking aimlessly
If you want to tour parts of a town where real people live and work, youneed to go visit them. The best way to do this is to walk - without knowing exactly where you are going. Write the name of your hotel, you can catch a taxi back if needed, then just pick a direction and start walking alone. [Br]
Do not worry too much about going strayed into dangerous neighborhoods, locals in general will warn you before you do it.

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Eat local food [/ i] [/ center]

19. Eating local food
Think you know anything about Mexican food? You may be wrong. Let;s tasted a bit of everything when you travel, especially if you do not know what it is. Ask locals for advice. Eating street food from vendors at the street stalls. [Br]
I just got sick twice during my trip. Do not be scared about the food problem. [Br]
20. Some say OK
Try a little random when other people invite you to meet with their families, try a new activity, or explore a place you do not know the existence its. It;s the unexpected situations and not in the plan, which will spice up your trip and always become the best story then. [Br]
Accept kindness strange when you travel - you get a lot of opportunities.

30 best advice after 4 years of traveling the world
slow down [/ i] [/ center]

21. Slow down
Please do not try to cram in 6 countries in 6 weeks of travel. All good things will happen when you actually take the time to explore. You will learn about the activities not included in your guidebook and meet people who are eager to show you around the world. [Br]
I can honestly say that the experience of travel my best happened in the first few days after arriving somewhere. Spend more time in theunexpected places to enjoy to the maximum.

22. Keep notes
brain memory is not infinite. When I started traveling around the world four years ago, I did not keep notes, and now I regret it. Information such as the names of the people I met, the conversations I;ve had, the feeling of a new experience, or in a specific town has smelled like ... If you want to write about your trip, these details handy. These days I use an app called Evernote notes, I use it as my 2nd brain. It;s really helpful - from planning a trip to log on to them later. [Br]

30 best advice after 4 years of traveling the world
step out of your limit [/ i] [/ center]

23. Step out of your limit
Challenge yourself to try things that you normally would not dare do. The more you do these things, these worries will fade away. Not a rambler? Go and more. Difficulty talking to strangers? Talk to everyone. Fear of strange food? Eat what the most bizarre that you can find. [Br]
The reason for doing this when traveling because everything will be very different than your thoughts. Ominous as you will not have worry. [Br]
24. Do not plan too much
I am quite confused when you read how much I should ask for a national day, a specific city. The truth is I have no idea about what you would enjoy or who you will meet. I thought I;d at Nicaraguan volcano in a week or two, but ended up staying there for 4 months. [Br]
My advice is to choose a starting point, one or two activities to do, and end (or not). Then just let the universe decide the rest. [Br]

30 best advice after 4 years of traveling the world
Bring less stuff than [/ i] [/ center]

25. Bring less stuff than
You do not need too many toys that you think it is possible to travel anywhere. My first backpack is packed full 70 liters, my current bag is only 38 liters. [Br]
As a full-time tramp, everything I owned was on my back. If you are unsure about packing something, it means you do not need. You can buy almost anything in your country if you discover you need them. [Br]
26. Listen to the Podcast
(Podcasts are a content delivery system that allows users to automatically download content via RSS, such as audio data and video data is distributed over the Internet) [br ] Podcasts are great. It;s like your own radio station and you always have music programs that you want to hear. I never thought that I really want to take the bus at 10 o;clock. But with podcasts, which will be more comfortable (as long as seats are comfortable). [Br]
Time will pass an incredible way when you listen to the story, the music, or the interview with experts. Here are some of my favorite channel: This American Life, The Moth, RISK !, Radiolab, Smart Passive Income, and Electro-Swing. [Br]

30 best advice after 4 years of traveling the world
be good to your body [/ center] [/ i]

27 . Be good to your body
Tourism can make your body tired. When you are moving from one place to another will be difficult to maintain exercise habits, and many of us slack off it. Or we do not sleep enough. Or we eat too much cake. I do not floss. [Br]
Remember these things to maintain the health of your body. Get enough sleep, stay hydrated, eat a healthy diet, using sunscreen, and regular exercise. And, remember to floss. [Br]
28. Keep in regular contact
Remember to call your family and your friends. Tourism is not a sports cutn optimistic. You will constantly meet other people. But many of those were fleeting relationship. Therefore, maintaining a strong connection with the people who know you is very important. [Br]

30 best advice after 4 years of traveling the world
Leave places nobody comes [/ i] [/ center]

29. Leaving the places nobody comes
I know it;s cliché advice, but you should still be noted. Find out interesting and unusual places that do not see many tourists? Many memorable travel experience that happened to me in the areas that are not easy to visit. Not all means go to the tourist attractions that are popular on the site. [Br] Go to a remote area, danger does not mean that you will have a life-changing experience. [ br]
30. Traveling more
If there;s one thing I found most in the last 4 years, it is that many people returned home to tell me how lucky I am when they are unable to travel. It;s so expensive. They could not get the time. [Br] Who will take care of their pets? [Br] When I suggested solution to the "problem ", they do not act. Why? Because behind that is the reason: they are scared. [Br] Unfortunately, most people wait to travel the world never embarked on doing both. [Br] You do not have to sell all his possessions and became a wandering homeless like me. Just realize there is much more you can do now. Start with a weekend in a different state. Then can try a week in the country side. [Br]
The new car, needs remodeling project, the iPhone can wait for later execution. If you really want to travel, everything can happen. Stop career is possible. Also have friends who would love to take care of your pet. [Br]
tthe this world is vast, beautiful, interesting and attractive. Discover it!. [Br]
Discover a little right now, than to spend later. [Br]

30 best advice after 4 years of traveling the world

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